The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Most of us spending a lot of time there eating with family or entertaining friends. So it is not surprising that the kitchen is the room we want to be perfect and a room that is often the subject of renovation.

If you’re planning a home kitchen renovation, now or in the future, you’ll want the project to run as smoothly as possible. So here are a few things that will help you with that:

Make A Home Kitchen Renovation List

Before you a home kitchen renovation, it’s a good idea to write a list of all the stuff you have in/ plan to store in your kitchen going forward. Whether it’s blenders, toasters and other appliances, utensils, pots and pans or plates and herbs, you need to write it all down. Why? Because once you’re clear on what your kitchen’s used for and what you will be storing there, it will be much easier to plan a kitchen renovation that meets your needs and truly works for you. It’s obvious really, but so many people forget to think about how they will actually use their kitchen, focusing instead on aesthetics, only to find that their kitchen looks great but isn’t exactly easy to use!

Measure Carefully

I can’t state just how important that it is to measure your kitchen space carefully before you embark upon a kitchen renovation project, especially if you’re doing it yourself. To ensure that everything fits and you don’t end up making any costly mistakes, you need to measure everything including windows, doors, power points, fuses boxes, and of course, cabinets and dining spaces. Ideally, you should ask a family member or friend to remeasure everything just to check that you’ve gotten it right, and if you’re hiring a kitchen fitter to do the work, make sure they don’t just take your word for it – have them measure up too.

You could also use the services of an interior designer who also renovates. A company such as Plush Design Interiors will design your kitchen in 3D giving you an understanding of the space before you renovate

Book A White Goods Collection

If you’re getting rid of things like old fridges and freezers during your kit hen renovation, it’s a really good idea to book a white goods collection for the first day of your home kitchen renovation project. That way, you can get those big bulky items out of the way, leaving you and your kitchen fitters free to move around uninhibited by the trash. You’ll have to suffer enough upheaval during the renovation without having to look at old fridges dumped in the garden too. This is something else that few renovators think to do but it can make such a difference to your project that it is always worthwhile.

Set Up A Cooking Station

Speaking of upheaval, it is inevitable, but you can mitigate against it by dedicating a corner of your home to cooking. Place a kettle, microwave, ad maybe a hotplate on a table in a safe part of the home and you won’t have such a hard time with the kitchen out of commission.

Kitchen renovations can transform your home, but they can also prove to be a headache. The following tips should help you with that and see that your project runs smoothly.