Are you enjoying your day right now? Are you spending it being productive? One issue we all tend to have, every now and then, is the feeling of wasting our day or wasting our time in general.

Whilst we have a pretty long-lasting life, we do often panic because we feel as though we’ve not done a lot. Which is why I asked if you’re enjoying your day right now.

Panic happens sometimes when we’ve had a lazy week or a lack of productivity. We tend to blow it out of proportion and question what we’re doing with our lives! This can hit our confidence quite badly and allow us to get into a silly spiral that makes us irrational. 

It’s all in our heads, and there are lots of ways we can combat this kind of backward thinking. We can do both mental tasks and actual, genuine, physical ones. In order to feel as though your enjoying your day and spending it well, here are some things you can do: 

Get Into A Habit Of Planning Or Journaling

If you know you’re going to be writing about your day each evening or every other evening, then it’ll give you the oomph to really do something and make yourself proud. If all you have at the end of each day is a limited amount of things, then you’ll look back on it all and become a little down. Bullet journaling is also a popular way of being productive and feeling like you’ve achieved something. A plan of action that gets you off your feet will always be useful. 

Stop Scrolling On Social Media 

This is a real issue that hits a LOT of people that have free time. It also affects people who have work to do and causes a lot of firings. You should stop scrolling through social media if you’ve found yourself in the habit. It’s easy to get into because you become attached to the people and things on your phone. When you realize that there are many interesting things outside of your virtual space, it becomes easier to be more productive. Enjoying your day more fully could mean NO SOCIAL MEDIA!

Spoil Yourself With Your Hard-Earned Money

While it’s important to save money in order to keep yourself financially stable, you shouldn’t just keep it all and only spend on the necessities. Head to the local store or head online and take part in a real affordable shopping experience every now and again. Enjoy yourself and buy things that improve your life. You aren’t supposed to just exist to work and be a cog in this big machine!

Actively Do More Things That Make You Happy  

If you choose to pursue things in life that will make you happy, then you’ll be more productive. A day enjoyed is never a day wasted. If you then choose to work in a job that you’ll love, then you’ll be way more productive as you’ll actually want to get up each day and work. 

Think More Positively Every Single Day  

While this seems like an easy option, it’s actually very productive in both the short and long-term. Being positive will allow you to get up each morning and work harder while still enjoying your day. Pessimism and negativity only stifles you and makes you question the point of doing most things! It’s a terrible mental habit to get into.