Our energy efficient homes will not only save money but they’ll save the planet too. Yes, it’s becoming a common mantra.

It’s hard not to care about the planet and now it’s more imperative to save money. So having energy efficient homes has benefits for your budget; the planet saving is a welcome side effect.

So if you’re not already doing your part simply to save on your money pityou should. Here are all the reasons why.

energy efficient homes

Energy Efficient Homes Are The New Black

It’s good for the environment

If your home is sustainable it won’t use as much energy as it once did assuming you’ve got rid of elements including oil and gas.

Because of this, you are able to reduce your carbon footprint with fewer emissions – which is essentially what everyone should be trying to do. Simple things like replacing regular globes with LED lights, using the dryer less, only putting on the dishwasher when there’s a full load, and little actions like these will help reduce emissions.

This means that you’re doing your part to help save our natural resources and cut down on pollution.

energy efficient homes

It saves you money

You can end up cutting chunks out of your monthly bills. Take heating your home as an example. This eats up a lot of energy and can cost you an awful lot.

If you replace your systems with Cola Solar, you can have your own solar panels to produce natural energy, or even solar hot water systems that use innovative technology to help save our planet, and your bank accounts.

Energy efficient homes will be well insulated from the cold weather and hot sun. So check the insulation in your ceiling and walls, install blockout curtains, or have windows double glazed.

energy efficient homes

Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design

It helps improve the economy

It’s not only you that benefits from the drop in your monthly energy bills. It can make a difference on an even bigger scale, from small businesses right up to the top levels of government.

Just think how much faster we can save the planet if everyone started being more energy efficient within their own home or workplace. Of course, all the providers into the energy efficient supply chain will contribute to employment, taxes, and money back into the economy.

It’s even possible to create more jobs if more renovations and repairs were done from an energy efficient angle. So hire an interior designer and get cracking 😉

energy efficient homes

It helps improve the security

Being energy efficient can help keep a country safer, and this is because it decreases the overall demand for energy use which consists of having to import and then transport dangerous fossil fuels.

Also, the act of using less energy means that you – as a country – are able to be more independent because you aren’t relying on other countries to supply you with their resources.

energy efficient homes

It enhances the quality of life

Why bother complicating things when you can get all the same benefits, if not more, when living a sustainable lifestyle?

This won’t just make a difference to your home and your bills, but it will have a positive effect on your mind too.

Even if you can’t visibly see them, you will be able to feel a difference. Like having constant access to electricity, but knowing that it’s all down to the solar panel that is soaking up all the energy from the sun… – Isn’t that just amazing?

So think of the bigger picture! It starts in the comfort of your own home; using less hot water and turning the temperature down. It’s that simple.

Tell your friends and family what you’re doing, and suggest they all do the same. Even if you just start by changing one neighborhood – that’s an incredible start.

energy efficient homes