How many of you have an emergency plumbing service on your speed dial? Maybe you don’t think you need one.

Ideally, homeowners should have the contact details of an emergency plumber on their fridge. However, in the real world, especially when renovating, plumbing problems usually catch everyone by surprise. Emergency plumbing services may be required for numerous reasons and at inopportune times.

Hassles such as repair on gas fitting pipes, blocked drain work, or even roof repairs may need an emergency plumber. Therefore, it is important for every home owner to be calm and follow the steps listed below before choosing your emergency plumbing service provider.

emergency plumbing service

# Licensing

It is important to engage a plumber who has the right qualifications and license. Different states and countries do have different requirements when it comes to licensing. But you want to know whether your plumber has the required expertise to carry out the task or not.

Ask questions. Ask to see proof of certain qualifications especially in the case of complex emergency plumbing services. Changing a washer is very different from working with gas pipes.

# Insurance

It is mandatory for a plumbing service to have both liability and workers compensation insurance. Liability insurance is used to pay for the damages that are caused by the actions of the plumber. If a plumber accidentally damages some part of your house, this insurance covers the cost of repairs for those damages.

One important point to note for the customers, if the plumber does not carry liability insurance, the customer is responsible for the damages caused by the plumber.

The worker’s compensation insurance covers the plumber if they suffer an injury while carrying out the task required. If the emergency plumbing service does not carry this insurance, then you may be responsible for the costs associated with the treatment of the plumber’s injuries.

Plumbers who don’t have these two insurances usually charge less than plumbers who do. However, remember that the cost savings related to not having insurance are minimal as compared to the cost incurred due to an injury caused by an accident.

emergency plumbing service

# Response Time

It’s very important to ask the plumber for an approximate timeframe for finishing the job. An emergency plumbing service is usually available 24 hours a day, but might reach your home a little late if you live further out.

This results in a decrease in the response time, as well. If you are experiencing a dramatic leak, even a slight delay in the response time can lead to a loss of thousands of dollars. If the emergency plumber is located far away from you, then try to find a service that is closer.

# Fees

Always ask about the hourly rates charged by any emergency plumbing service, even a ballpark figure on the phone. They may provide an ‘estimate’ but won’t provide a ‘quote’ without seeing the problem first-hand.

Check whether they charge a ‘call-out fee’ which is usually in addition to their hourly rate or service fee. A call-out fee will be charged regradless of whether the service can fix your plumbing problem right away.

In addition to all of this, always ask about their different forms of payments. An emergency plumber might accept credit cards and some will only accept cash. Others won’t accept cheques.

In addition to all the tips mentioned above, read about your prospective emergency plumbing service on the internet and check to see if they have any testimonials from happy, or unhappy, clients.

emergency plumbing service

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