Do you have an emergency contact list? There are serious emergencies, and then there are sartorial and hair emergencies.

A cool girl knows how to react in all states of crisis and has an emergency contact list that will give Wonder Woman a run for her powers. So here’s a list of all the emergency contacts you should have in your cell. Pay close attention to the serious ones and take the silly ones with a little bit of jest. But they’re still worth knowing for that time when your arch nemesis spills red wine down your cocktail dress (it does happen)!

The Serious Emergency Numbers

It goes without saying that you should always know the emergency service numbers of the country you are in. 000 if you are in Australia, 111 in New Zealand, 911 if you are in the US or Canada, 999 if you are in the UK and 112 if you are in the European Union. For all other countries you are traveling to, make sure to know the emergency number.

112 is the GSM emergency number that in most countries will connect you to the local emergency dispatch. Put this into your emergency contact list NOW. Also be sure to include the numbers of three of your local hospitals in your cell. Another good idea is to get the numbers of your next door neighbors in case you ever need to call on them in an emergency. And always make sure to have your electrician and plumbers numbers in your emergency contact list, as well as your car breakdown recovery number. And if you lock yourself out of your house, it’s always useful to have your locksmiths number in your cell too.

Our last essential contact on the emergency list should be adding an ICE number to your phone. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. And the ICE app enables you to enter your details, an emergency contact and any medical details such as diabetes or allergies. First responders will be able to see all this information on the screensaver of your phone even if it is locked.

Sartorial Emergencies

You may laugh, but every stylish girl will have a sartorial or beauty emergency once in awhile. Like the time you decide to bleach your hair at home and it goes horrifically wrong.

Ensure you have not only the number of your favorite hairdresser in your cell but also a trusted mobile hairdresser and a late evening one too. So next time you get asked out last minute to a posh party, you’ll be stress-free.

Make sure you’ve also got the number of a speedy manicurist and someone who can create an up-do in 20 minutes. Failing that, always keep handy the number of your local blow out salon, in the case of last minute meetings, interviews or important dates. Spilt red wine or grease down your favorite designer dress? It’s worth calling the dry cleaners before you take it in. They may suggest how to treat the stain before you can get it in for cleaning.

The same goes for last minute waxing, threading and eyelash extensions. In states of serious fuzzy emergencies, it’s always useful to have three or four trusted local beauty salons in your cell in case appointments are scarce.

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