An elegant penthouse is the perfect place to enjoy living in the city or at the beach. Views for miles, open plan living, party balconies and rarefied air. So can you have elegance AND cosiness in your penthouse? Here’s how.

The plush nature of elegant penthouse living can add a lot of pressure when it comes to décor and style.

Such spacious homes demand a little sophistication. However, does it have to come at the expense of that cosy comforting feeling we all love so much?

elegant penthouse

Here, we’re going to take a look at a few key tips that can help you combine both luxury and coziness in the elegant penthouse of your dreams.

An Elegant Penthouse Boasts Delicious Soft Furnishings

When you have that much space, it’s easy to feel like things are a little “bare” looking. It might even seem a little colder than the average apartment.

You can transform both the tactile sensation of the space as well as coziness of its look by learning to rely a lot more on soft furnishings.

elegant penthouse

Choosing the appropriate cushions and throws to fit with the more contemporary style of furniture best suited to a penthouse can make a big difference.

You’re likely to have at least one big, open room that could really benefit from the placement of a spacious floor rug.

If you have a hard-surfaced floor, such as wood or tiles, then patterning your rugs can help you keep it from all being visually bland and same-y, too.

Let Your Elegant Penthouse Breathe

While going a little wild with the soft furnishings is recommended, you should be more mindful of your furniture placement.

The size and open-air nature of the penthouse is its greatest strength. If you start cluttering it up with chairs, tables, vignettes, and storage units, it can quickly feel way too crowded.

elegant penthouse

Avoid over-decorating your penthouse. Try to be minimalist, keeping furniture to only what is needed, giving plenty of room for foot traffic throughout the home.

Let the light in, as well. Use thinner window treatments like vertical blinds so it can benefit from the warm sensation of natural light.

Make good use of mirrors to help that light bounce around the room so you have no dark corners spoiling the view, too.

Light Your Elegant Penthouse With Intent

With such a big space, you need to put some serious thought into how you’re going to light it all when night falls.

A single light fixture in the ceiling isn’t going to do much good, so you need to learn a little more about different types of lighting.

elegant penthouse

Your ambient lighting is what’s considered the “main” lighting fixture. It’s wise to not use gaudy fixtures that can prevent light from reaching as far as it should.

Complement it with accent lighting, such as corner and desk lamps, that can help you balance out the lighting and create a warmer feeling for the home.

Lastly, use task lighting for practical spaces like work desks and the kitchen counters to maintain visibility when you need to use them.

Add a natural touch

While you shouldn’t clutter up the space for too much furniture, you should put more thought into the materials that you do incorporate.

Spaces are very modern spaces and can feel a little too sterile if not balanced out with some natural inspiration. Wood furniture and fixtures, such as rails, countertops, and desks, can help make it feel a lot warmer.

elegant penthouse

If you have big, long windows, then they can be the perfect place to situate some plants that can help break up the visual monotony and add some color, as well.

Wood floors are a good touch for an option that feels both natural and minimalist, with little-to-no effort needed to care for them.

Get some urban inspiration

Penthouses are born of the city and rise above it. It might feel like you’re a world away from the streets but reflecting a little urban style in there can add a great, grounded touch that feels cool and cozy at the same time.

A truly elegant penthouse will have a long wall facing the windows, which would work excellently with some brickwork-style cladding.

elegant penthouse

Darker colored furniture complemented by chrome metal rails, lamps, and other accessories can keep it looking sleek and minimalist, helping you make an impact with the sheer amount of space the home has to offer.

Don’t let the openness of your penthouse put you in a daze. Like any other space, it has to feel like a home first and foremost.

Hopefully, the tips above give you an idea on how to keep your penthouse classy while still bringing in that cozy home factor.

You can have the best of both worlds, the penthouse offers plenty of space for it, after all.