Easy DIY projects are favoured for quick weekend jobs and by those who are not confident redecorators. And you can save money.

So put your wallet away. You don’t need to spend a fortune on renovating your home when some easy DIY projects will help add more style. Despite what some TV shows might lead you to believe, some projects don’t need expert intervention.

Yes, a professional eye can help, but there’s no reason why you can’t do some redecorating yourself. Virtually anybody can renovate their home with a healthy dose of DIY, because the changes needed may not be as major as you might think.

Be surprised by the difference little details can make in the overall appearance of your home. The following easy DIY projects will help you rejuvenate your home all by yourself.


easy DIY projects

Easy DIY Projects #1: Utilise potential space in your home.

Many homeowners bemoan the fact that they don’t have enough space. But are you fully utilising the space you have? For example, the garage, attic, basement, or even the spare room in your home could be more than just extra storage space.

These rooms can be converted into additional bedrooms, a home office, or family games rooms. You’ll feel as though you have lots of extra space when all the space is being fully and functionally used. It may need little more than some gyprock sheeting and paint.

In a sense, the garage still acts as storage space if you convert it into a second living room because you’ll be moving possessions from the rest of your house into this “brand new” room. However, it’s a better use of space.

Of course, converting a room in your house is only one way to make better use of potential space. You should also try to maximize the storage capacity of your home in order to make your home feel more spacious.

The space under your stairs could be turned into storage for books, wine, or a study nook, for example. You could even check out companies such as Rite Adhesives for grab glue to help put up sturdy shelving units in a time-effective and straightforward manner.

There’s no reason as to why you should cram possessions under beds or leave utensils lying around on kitchen countertops. Putting up shelves on walls creates brand new storage space so that your home can look tidier even though you own the same amount of possessions as before.

A spacious home is simply one in which you use space intelligently. It’s all a matter of perception.


easy DIY projects

Easy DIY Projects #2: Repaint.

The power of a paint job shouldn’t be underestimated. Repainting the walls a neutral colour is always a good place to start. It creates a blank canvas on which to put the rest of your ideas.

You can add other colour themes and ideas such as artwork and furnishings without any of the colours clashing against the neutral background. Additionally, white naturally reflects light, so your house will look brighter during the day.

This helps to lift the overall aesthetic of a home. Repaint cupboards and doors and add fabulous new knobs to help rejuvenate the appearance of your home. A paint job can make a house look brand new.

There are also amazing new paints this season in metallic and pearlescent finishes for something super stylish. Plus, to help you out, Wattyl have released four colour palettes for 2018, so all the work choosing different colours has been done for you. Or check out what Taubmans have been doing with paint in multi-generational living arrangements.

See our article on Tips for Beginners from Shaynna Blaze.

easy DIY projects

Mood Monitor 2018 colour trend palette from Wattyl


Easy DIY Projects #3: Make outdoor improvements.

Finally, there are lots of easy improvements you can make in your garden. Plant a tree to add some vibrancy to outdoor spaces. Many real estate agents will tell you that money spent in the garden will be re-paid many times over when a home is sold. Your home’s exterior really impacts the overall appearance of your property and it’s very easy to become a self-taught gardener.

You could even throw some manmade additions into the mix. A cozy patio area can really bring a garden together. Set up a dining table, some comfy loungers for summer days, and a gazebo to shelter you from the elements. Treat your otdoor space like your indoor space and rugs, cushions, throws, planter pots, and then solar powered lights in the trees or across the pergoal.

easy DIY projects

Your garden could become a stylish and comfortable outdoor space without a huge investment.

For super cool outdoor furniture try Luxo Living and try Temple and Webster for a huge range of homewares and outdoor table settings.


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