Dry pressed bricks have been stars on the block, literally, for some time. The Block featured dry pressed bricks and they continue to be popular.

If you’ve ever built a new house or a significant extension you’ll know there are many factors to be considered. And one of the main considerations is those features that will be visual when building is complete; like bricks.

Have you ever had to make decisions around bricks? It is one of those items that requires careful consideration and expert information.

dry pressed bricks

Image courtesy of indesignlive.com

Released by PGH Bricks & Pavers, the Dry Pressed bricks are in a line of exclusively designed and highly desirable house bricks by PGH. The Dry Pressed bricks range includes nine selections in an assortment of natural Australian tones  – Belgenny Brown, Gledswood Blend, Hawkesbury Bronze, Livingston Gold, Macarthur Mix, McGarvie Red, Megalong Valley Grey, Mowbray Blue and Wolverton Cream.

dry pressed bricks

As Australia’s leading brick manufacturer, PGH develops new designs, leads construction trends and sources different materials. The company wants to create unique colours and textures that reflect distinctive & individual styles for the Australian environs.

What’s different about Dry Pressed bricks?

Dry Pressed bricks look architecturally solid and epitomise excellence in brick manufacturing. The high compression manufacturing process provides a grainy, yet smooth and velvety appearance. Their extremely square arris is also an important part of their aesthetic appeal, allowing infinite possibilities when it comes to innovative architecture in both traditional and contemporary building.

dry pressed bricks

“Architects and designers are using brickwork in new and innovative ways that can be seen in some award-winning projects. The beauty of the Dry Pressed range is that it is a modular product that can be used to create your own unique interior or exterior design,” says Jenny Page, Colour and Design Professional and Architectural Account Manager.

dry pressed bricks

Like all the bricks produced by PGH, the Dry Pressed range is:

  • Sustainable – bricks are made from natural materials and are recyclable
  • Energy efficient – bricks create thermal and acoustically efficient homes
  • Low Maintenance – the colour of brick is enduring and does not require painting
  • Flexible when it comes to design – the comprehensive colour range and smooth finish of Dry Pressed bricks are easy to use in any building design
  • Strong and safe – durable, non-combustible, termite resistant and will not rot or decay
  • Cost Effective – low maintenance means virtually no ongoing costs
dry pressed bricks

Image courtesy of ‘The Block’ where the PGH Dry Pressed bricks were used in a barbeque area

The PGH Dr Pressed bricks range is produced in the standard working brick size of 230mmL x 110mmW x 76mmH. The Mowbray Blue and Gledswood Blend bricks from the range also come in splits of 230mmL x 110mmW x 50mmH.

dry pressed bricks

Have you built a new home or extension? Was brick selection an issue for you? What did you decide?

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About PGH Bricks & Pavers……is one of Australia’s largest and most innovative brick makers. It kiln fires a blend of clay, sand and shale to produce bricks that are as beautiful and enduring as the rich earth they’re formed from. With their lasting colour and superb texture, PGH bricks will provide a warm, welcome home, time and time again.