Dressing well is, for the most part, subjective. For some it’s a ball gown and tiara. Others are comfortable in dress jeans and hot shoes.

However dressing well isn’t simply limited to WHAT we wear. It’s also WHERE we wear it.

Most of us struggle from time to time to dress as well as possible for certain events and occasions. It can often be difficult knowing whether our outfit is appropriate, or what it is like in comparison to others’.

But as long as you follow some basic rules, you should actually find that dressing well for any occasion is not all that difficult. The tricky part is often getting over your own lack of confidence – this, more than anything, is what is likely to hold you back a lot.

As long as you are happy to look how you like to look, while still taking the event itself into consideration, then you should be able to find the perfect outfit which marries these two concerns well.

Let’s have a look at some of the major considerations when you are facing this particular difficulty.


Dressing Well: Know The Venue

The venue is hugely important, as studying it a little can help you to figure out quite a lot about what you need to wear and what you can probably do with avoiding.

The venue is usually a reliable indicator of the kind of outfit to go for, so make sure you bear that in mind if you are going to try and find the perfect outfit for your event.

Sometimes, it is the only piece of information you need to know. Some venues are particularly clear, and make the choice of outfit actually quite obvious.

A fancy restaurant immediately brings certain outfits to mind, as does a holiday on the beach or a night out in the club. But there are also plenty of occasions when knowing the venue doesn’t help all that much, such as going to the house party of a co-worker you don’t know all that well.

In these instances, you will usually find that you need to gather more information about the event, so you definitely don’t make a fool of yourself.


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Dressing Well: Check The Weather

Something which is just as reliable an indicator of what to wear as the venue is the weather. If you are not checking the weather before you dress up, you are making a big mistake.

The weather can dramatically alter what you feel you need to wear in a moment, so you need to make sure you are staying on top of this at all times.

Sometimes it can be hard to predict the weather, especially if many different news stations are telling you different things. But as long as you are prepared for every eventuality, you can walk into the venue with confidence.

This is where it helps to already have in your possession a number of items for different climates. You would benefit well from having a thin waterproof coat which can look stylish over anything, as this can save you many times.

Similarly, a variety of boots in different lengths means you always have the perfect footwear, no matter how slippery it might get underfoot or where you might end up going.

Always check the weather, and you are bound to feel as well dressed as you possibly can at all times.

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Dressing Well: Ignore Other People

You don’t necessarily have to base your look on other people to find it useful to ask them what they are wearing.

For many people, this is actually the number one most reliable way to figure out what to wear. This can be especially useful if it is an occasion where you only know one or two people. You can stick with them, find out what they are wearing, and use your own wardrobe with that information in mind.

Of course, if you really want to stand out and impress, then you could even use the information to decide how you could look a little different.

Depending on what you are going for, you might be able to do this easily or not. Either way, it is useful to know what kind of level of dressed up everyone else is going to be before you make your decision on what outfit you will be wearing.

Whether you want to fit in, or stand out, you can make it work for you either way.


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Dressing Well: Remember Your Own Style

Something that a lot of people fall into the trap of is entirely laying down their own style in favour of the general look of the group. This can be tempting, and sometimes you don’t even know you are doing it.

But if you want to really look your best, no matter the occasion, then you need to make sure that you are bringing your own sense of style to the occasion. This can be surprisingly hard to do, but mostly it is just a matter of ensuring that you do not forget what your look is all about.

The trickiest thing of all of this is actually matching your style with the occasion and venue in some way. If you can manage to do that, you have pretty much achieved the main goal.

A good way to do so is to bring along some of your favourite accessories. It can be anything, from boho jewelry to a particular pair of shoes that are really you.

Whatever it is, having these little touches is often all you need to really bring out your own style, while still matching the overall look of the event.


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Dressing Well: Stock Up On Basics

A good way to ensure that you are always as prepared as possible for any such event is to first stock up your wardrobe on basics.

This is something we often forget to get around to, and yet it is so important if you want to be able to dress well for any occasion. Having those staple items in your wardrobe means that you can feel confident that you will

Having those staple items in your wardrobe means that you can feel confident that you will always know what to wear, and this can be so important when it comes to dressing in a hurry for a last-minute event. With any luck, you will

With any luck, you will never not know what to wear again, and you can always be the centre of attention at any function.

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