We all have dreamy renovations we’d LOVE to include in our home improvement projects, right? Are these three on your list?

There’s renovations and then there are add-ons. Your dreamy renovations may include a luscious walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom, a beautiful pool in your backyard, a wonderful water fountain in your front garden, or perhaps a bubbling jacuzzi in the bathroom.

You may even be thinking about adding an extension such as a conservatory onto your home. But, while we all have desires like this, not everyone has the money for such dreamy renovations.

So, this article explains the cost of your dream home add-ons. Let’s start with one renovation that’s popular with everyone, a swimming pool.

dreamy renovations

Aqua Beauty In Your Backyard

If you have kids, you will almost definitely have been asked for a swimming pool at one point or another. In fact, some parents will have needed to explain that Santa doesn’t deliver this type of present.

However, you might want a swimming pool yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning before work and go for a wonderful swim, relaxing your body and your mind? Or, have the perfect place for kids to play in the summer without ever leaving the house. It sounds great doesn’t it, but how much will it cost?

Well, on average a swimming pool will cost around fifty thousand dollars if it’s made of concrete. That said, fibreglass pools can be significantly less expensive and may be under ten thousand dollars.

I think you’ll agree that’s a lot more affordable and perhaps even realistic. Of course, you also need to add safety features into the equation, but stylish glass pool fencing won’t you cost you that much at all.

In fact, if we’re thinking about this logically the initial cost of the pool isn’t the problem. It’s the upkeep, and you can expect bills of a few hundred every month.

dreamy renovations

Walk Into Your Closet

Or, perhaps you have always dreamed about having your own walk-in closet? Imagine waking up in the morning and choosing your clothes off a moving rack. Or, shoes that pop out of the wall from compartments that appear from nowhere.Glass shelves that sparkle with jewellery and handbags.

When you have the budget, a walk-in closet knows no bounds, design-wise. However, when space is limited you could install an automated wardrobe lift in your existing wardrobe. It maximises hanging space but takes no extra floor space.

It’s LIKE a walk-in closet but much more cost-effective.

dreamy renovations

Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles

Or finally, you might think about adding a jacuzzi into your bathroom, or even a private OUTDOOR bathroom for absolute indulegence. It’s a lot cheaper than a swimming pool that’s for sure, and you can get one installed in your home for under ten grand.

That’s not too bad at all. However, you need to understand that a jacuzzi uses water that may turn stagnant if it’s not properly maintained. Always be scrupulous when cleaning and maintaining a jacuzzi or spa bath.

So, now you know how much your dreamy renovations may cost, are you ready to squeeze them into your budget?

dreamy renovations

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