A dream home is within your reach because if you can dream it you can do it. Right? For many reasons, mainly financial and time constraints, you may feel that finding a dream home can’t be achieved.

But what if it can? Firstly, let’s find out what is your definition of a dream home. Is it a home that’s the envy of the neighbours? Perhaps it’s a home that’s stylish and modern? Is it a home full of amazing utilities? Is it simply a home that provides for you and your family? These aren’t really mutually exclusive and can be achieved.

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Find A Dream Home By Moving

The simplest way to find the home of your dreams can often be to move. Moving house gives you the chance to find the perfect foundation for your dream home, and you might find new aspects that suit your lifestyle through the homes currently for sale. If you truly are not happy with your current environment, it might be best to move. It’s an expensive idea, but not without foundation – some homes just are not fulfilling. If you want to truly get the home of your dreams, consulting with companies like Dennis Family Homes can be a great way to find a dream home, or build one from scratch. There are other ways though.

Create a wish list of the rooms and features you truly want. Consider elements such as privacy, whether you want a big garden, and if you have, or want, pets. A wish list, even if it’s extravagant to start with, will allow you to think coherently about what it truly important to you and your family. You can then start to refine your wish list in line with your budget.

There are other ways though.

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Create Your Dream Home Where You Live

If you think your current home can be your dream home – then there is one thing you need to do. Maintain the home. That means getting down and dirty! Firstly, you need to be super proactive about identifying faults in the home. It’s not good enough to wait for problems to emerge only to fix them. If you want to seriously make the house you are living in the home of your dreams, you need to know your house and all of its flaws.

Leaky pipes, a bad roof, rot and mold, cracked walls, and other structural flaws will deeply affect your enjoyment of your home. You can’t have a dream home if these issues are not resolved. Spend a number of days searching the home for issues and flaws, or bring in someone to take a professional look and identify those issues. When issues are identified – you can then go about fixing them or hire someone else to do it.

This is key – if you want to move forward, you need to ensure your home is in shape. It’s all good spending money to have a great home, but not if you are ignoring issues which could ultimately destroy it.

You may have heard the term that a home has ‘good bones’. If your current home has character, good neighbours, is in a great location, and has ‘good bones’ for renovation or redecorating, then stay put. Fix utility items such as electrical and plumbing then set about changing the decor.

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DIY A Dump Into A Dream Home

The same insight that sees you fixing utility issues around the house also gives you a way to gain your dream home. DIY. Painting, redecorating, and renovating require skill, knowledge, and a creative eye as well as tools and some spare time. DIY is perhaps one of the best routes to achieving your dream home as it allows you to craft your home into your idea.

Create mood boards from Pinterest and magazines. Grab ideas such as French-inspired style, painting stencils and DIY shapes (from award-winning Interior Designer, Shaynna Blaze), seek out new designer paint colours, and keep up-to-date with new products and trends.

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Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans

Sometimes simply recarpeting and painting or tiling will make a HUGE difference to the comfort and appeal of a home. Light colours will make a room appear larger and darker colours will give a more intimate feel. Wallpaper has never been hotter or easier to apply with a massive range of colours, textures, patterns, and digital prints.

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Bedroom by Taubmans

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Bathroom by Taubmans

Finally, you can present your design plans, or pass the work over, to interior designers and constructors who can develop your home to their designs.

There are plenty of ways to get the home of your dreams, so don’t ever feel that it is out of your reach!

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