Is your dream home renovation always uppermost in your mind? Do you have a picture in your mind that pops up every time it’s mentioned?

Have you looked at new properties, but been left feeling cold? Do you have an interest in interior design? If so, why not consider a renovation project? Sometimes, looking for potential is the key to making your dream home renovation come true.

dream home renovation

Searching for the perfect property

When you’re looking for a dream home renovation, don’t be put off by cosmetics. Beauty is skin deep, so they say. Look beyond gaudy wallpaper or chipped paintwork. Think about what the house could become with some interior design nouse and a healthy dose of TLC. If you have an image in your mind, it’s virtually impossible to buy something that matches it. By renovating, you can decorate your own blank canvas.

When you embark on a property search, don’t go for the first house you see. Even if you fall head over heels in love, resist the temptation to be too spontaneous. Arrange a second viewing, and look into every nook and cranny. It’s essential to know exactly what you’re buying before you make that all-important offer.

dream home renovation

dream home renovation

The pros and cons of a renovation project

With a renovation project, it’s much easier to put your stamp on your home. You can channel your creativity, and work out designs that suit your tastes, and satisfy your practical needs. You also have control over building styles. You may prefer to use eco-friendly materials, for example. There’s also a chance to add significant value to the property.

It is possible to run over budget when you’re renovating an old property. This is why planning is imperative. Before you submit an offer, make sure you have an accurate idea of build costs. You can save money by doing some of the work, such as clearing the site, yourself. All you need to do is contact a waste management and disposal firm and hire a skip. Get friends and family involved, and you can get going before the builders come in. Before you sign any agreements, get some quotes from different firms. Make sure everything you plan to do is approved before you part with any money.

dream home renovation

Renovating can be a time-consuming process. When you buy a new build in pristine condition, you can usually move straight in. With a project, you may have to wait several months until you can enjoy your new home. This may be inconvenient, but the finished result will be well worth the wait.

Consider the value in hiring a professional, such as an Interior Architect. An interior architect usually has greater skill than an interior designer in that they can also design joinery. In bathrooms and kitchens in particular, purpose designed and built joinery will add great value to your home.

dream home renovation

Investigate different materials to add uniqueness to your dream home renovation. There are so many beautiful options for flooring, for example – concrete, hardwood, bamboo, terrazzo, slate – and also for surfaces – marble, jarrah, sheet metals, wallpaper, wood – the options are endless, so have a solid vision for the final look and feel.

Creating a mood board from Instagram, Pinterest, samples, magazine articles, and websites will help you to focus on colour, texture, ambience, and also cost.

dream home renovation

Have you been searching for a new property with limited success? Is nothing grabbing you by the heart strings? Have you struggled to find that house that ticks all the boxes? If so, why not consider taking on a dream home renovation project? If you can get past missing roof tiles and dated bathroom suites, you could uncover a hidden gem. You have the opportunity to inject your style and add value. You may have to wait a little longer than you would with a new home. But your hard work will be rewarded come moving day.

Header image from Pixabay. All other images from Key Piece Interior Architecture + Design.