A dream bathroom renovation is one of the top four desires of homeowners according to a recent Houzz survey. It’s also what sells homes.

Whether you’ve just bought a new house and are about to renovate or you’re looking at remodeling your current home, one of the most exciting projects is a dream bathroom renovation.

As one of the rooms that you’ll always use most, your bathroom should be somewhere in which you feel comfortable and love to be. Not only does a bathroom hold the key to your relaxation, but it can also amp up your pampering regime.

If you’re looking at starting a dream bathroom renovation then think about the ways in which you can upgrade what you already have. Sometimes, ripping your existing bathroom out and putting in something completely new can work. But if you’re looking for areas on which to focus, these tips will inspire you to create something calming, clever, and completely unique.

dream bathroom renovation


If you’re planning on redecorating and renovating most of your home consider extending to give you a well-designed space. When you extend your home, it can be a good idea to build a bigger bathroom too. If you’re someone that loves to soak in the tub or spend a lot of time getting ready, you’ll need to maximize the space you have. So, an extension can help you to achieve that and allow you more room to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

Be Clever With Heat

Bathrooms can be steamy places and they can also be quite cold with lots of tiles and waterproof surfaces. When planning your dream bathroom renovation think seriously about warmth and heat. Overhead heat lamps can be very effective but they can also dry out wet hair, and not in a good way.

If you blow dry your hair in the bathroom, instead of installing overhead heat lamps consider underfloor heating and heated towel rails. These little luxuries are surprisingly inexpensive when you consider how much luxury and comfort they will add to your bathroom. Underfloor heating may cost as little $500 for an average sized bathroom.

dream bathroom renovation

Bathe Beautifully

If the most important part of your dream bathroom renovation is the bath, then make sure you invest wisely in the right bath for your needs. If you bathe often, then choose one that is comfortable to lie back in and is the right length. Scented candles and a place for a glass of wine may be imperative for your bathing comfort so ensure you have somewhere close to place them, and not on the floor (well, not the wine at least).

There are lots of bath options including free-standing, built-in, square, oval, rectangular, claw foot, ceramic, tiled, acrylic, wooden, copper, coated, and spa. Speak to your local bathroom experts for more information.

Upgrade Your System

When you start to design a  dream bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider its functionality and not just focus on aesthetics. A functional bathroom must meet the needs of those using it, and in some cases that is the entire family. So now is the time to upgrade your hot water and heating systems.

It’s important to consult an expert, like http://www.plumberannandale.com.au, who can not only advise you on what you need but carry out the work too.

dream bathroom renovation

Bathroom by Reece, Shaynna Blaze, and Mili Pure

Tile Away

In addition to the functional elements, your bathroom decor is very important. Add luxury finishes by picking the right tiles, paint, and surfaces such as marble or metal. Tiles remain very popular for both floor and walls. Consider your theme – rustic, industrial, modern, shabby chic, tropical, heritage – and there will be tile combinations to suit.

Modern tiles come in small and large formats, so remember that large format tiles require less grout which means less cleaning of discolouration. Large format tiles can also make a small space look bigger. Tiling from floor to ceiling also gives a more finished and polished look.

Play With Steam

Next up, when it comes to the ultimate in luxury bathroom fittings, you might want to think about adding a shower that can do it all. Yes, you might be tempted to go for a gorgeous waterfall look, but have you thought about an installation that can provide you with a sauna and steam room too? (like these http://www.homedit.com/sauna-and-steam-shower-designs/) There are many styles and designs that you might like to consider but if you want a spa-like bathroom, a shower combo can do that for you.

dream bathroom renovation

Phoenix bathroom fittings

Pamper Yourself Pretty

Sometimes you want a bathroom that can take care of all your needs. If you love to pamper yourself and spend hours in the bathroom before you go out, then the right mirror and lighting will be important to you. Whilst it’s important, then, to pick out the perfect vanity that has the design style you love, ensure it also has the counter space you need. Lights that are installed around the mirror will cast the best light for makeup application.

Plan the positioning of lights as you won’t appreciate shadow being cast on your face when you are trying to blow dry your hair and apply perfect makeup.

Pick A Simple Suite

So far, you might be thinking about all the different elements you want to add to your dream bathroom renovation. But, design wise, you’re going to need a suite that looks elegant and adds to your luxury bathroom look. Regardless of the style of vanity, shower or bath you choose, ensure the overall look of your suite suits your taste. Sometimes, a classic white set can make a strong statement and still be understated.

dream bathroom renovation

Have Fun With Flooring

Flooring can be luxurious and expensive if you choose high-end options such as natural stones and marble. But ultimately it must be waterproof. Tiles are still a very popular option but you can now purchase waterproof wood flooring for a rustic, warm look. Some options are genuine hardwood and other are engineered laminate. If you search for ‘waterproof wood flooring’ on Google you’ll find lots of options.

Be Smart With Storage

A bathroom should be fun, cool, and functional. So bath towels, beauty products, soaps and lotions, shampoos and conditioners all have to be stored somewhere. Even in small bathrooms, there are clever storage solutions to suit. Check out some space saving ideas like these (http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/g810/small-bathroom-storage/) and see which ones you could use.

Clever storage is definitely a key way to keep clutter away and enjoy the beauty of your new dream bathroom renovation.

dream bathroom renovation