A dramatic bathroom can still be a restful space in which you wash and relax away the stresses of the day. No longer simply a place to brush to your teeth and have a quick shower, modern bathrooms are anything you want them to be.

A dramatic bathroom is the perfect area for experimenting with some of your more exuberant tastes. Given that so many people go for the same white tiles and chrome fittings, you can easily create some incredible drama. Bring it on.

Your bathroom is not an area in which you will be spending long hours or entertaining guests (one would hope). So it presents a unique opportunity to push the boundaries with your interior design choices.

Go wild with a few alternative colour choices, add a bit of design flair and try something new.

A Dramatic Bathroom Needs Metallic

Modern bathroom fixtures are no longer reduced to a choice of chrome or chrome. Now, there are a lot of different materials that can bring an entirely different look to your bathroom.

Metals such as copper are making a definite come back with old style fittings contrasting beautifully with dark green tiles and working perfectly with the current plant craze that has hit every magazine bathroom in 2018 so far.

Use metals and metallics in tapware, wall and floor tiles, metallic wallpaper, lighting or dramatic bathroom wall art. Yes, you CAN mix and match metallics but keep the palette organised.

dramatic bathroom

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Getting the fixtures right is the best way to bring more character to your bathroom  – think rose gold, brass, brushed nickel, or matte black – however, some metals are easier to fit than others.

Getting a reputable plumber to help you is definitely the best idea – you don’t want to introduce the wrong kind of drama after all! ML Plumbing Services is a good place to start.

Choose Dramatic Tiles

In 2017, the black bathroom came to the fore with various fixtures, fittings and details. Black tiles are still popular and bring instant drama to any bathroom.

The darker tones don’t just contrast with the classic white, they are also great for highlighting different metals.

Dark slates provide instant elegance but shiny black tiles will bounce the light around. Be bold and pick something incredible. You could even choose high-gloss black tiles and grout in white – instant drama.

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But patterned tiles are also a great way to create a dramatic bathroom. Choosing a single large pattern is a brilliant way to create a feature wall but mixing and matching is also a lot of fun.

dramatic bathroom

Rustico Tile and Stone

Also consider encaustic cement tiles (as above) whereby colours are created not by the glaze but by the different clay colours. These are very popular for feature floors or walls… or both.

Just make sure that your palette is refined to just a few matching tones to ensure that the effect is still stylish.

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Try mapping out your tile layout before you start to perfect your mismatch or, if you are feeling brave, put the tiles into a randomized pile and start grouting.

Be Quirky With Your Choices

From the free standing tub with clawed feet to a chandelier hanging over the sink, the bathroom is the ideal place for quirky choices.

This is definitely the time to let loose and have exactly what you want. There are all kinds of designs that could inspire you and there is no reason that you can’t draw inspiration from other rooms too.

dramatic bathroom

Plush Design Interiors

Add a comfy chair in next to the bath or hang low lights around the mirror; put plants on every available surface or keep the room sparsely minimalist; combine classic looks and shapes with funky modern colour palettes.

Your dramatic bathroom is your oyster, now is the time to enjoy it!

Choose Plush Design Interiors for Your Dramatic Bathroom

As an interior designer in Adelaide, Penelope Herbert is available to design your next bathroom renovation. Whilst she likes to push design boundaries, she is equally able to design an elegant and timeless bathroom too. Contact Penelope via penelope@plushdesigninteriors.com.au or 0421 043 505. Visit the website, https://plushdesigninteriors.com.au/