Don’t  mow before you go. Ensure your garden looks great while you are away.

Even if you are a very dedicated gardener, there will come a time that you want to go away for a while. And when you get back, you don’t want to find that all your hard gardening work has gone to waste with wilting plants and a tired-looking lawn.

If you are to be gone for a significant period of time, you will want to enlist the help of someone else to look after things for you. But if it is just for a few days, there are a few things that you can to protect your garden and keep things looking great while you are away.

don't mow before you go

Tidy Up Before You Go

The first thing that you will want to do is some general maintenance work. So, pull any weeds that have started to spring up and clip back any yellowing or dead leaves on plants.

The same goes for anything that looks like it is on its last legs anyway. After you have done this, keep bugs away from your plants with some pesticide.

Healthy plants should be in a position when they can handle a few days without direct care.

don't mow before you go

Water Everything Thoroughly Before You Leave

It may go without saying, but you need to ensure that everything is given a nice deep watering. If you are going to be going away for a significant period of time, you could try installing a drip irrigation system or alternatively try out a vertical garden.

A proper watering system will give you peace of mind that your plants are getting the basics so you won’t worry that all your hard work has gone to waste.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to one of these watering systems, you could instead go for a soaker hose and automatic timer.

don't mow before you go

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Mulch Around Your Plants

Providing your plants with an extra layer of organic mulch can really give them a helping hand while you are away. This plays a major role in keeping the roots cool, preventing moisture evaporation, and controlling growth of weeds.

When you are applying it to your plants, you should be aiming for three inches or less, particularly if slugs or snails have made a home in your garden.

You might like to read how earthworm castings can help grow a healthy garden.

don't mow before you go

Don’t Mow Before You Go

And now we come to the title tip. First of all, you should soak your lawn deeply while you are away, remembering that healthy lawns don’t require constant waterings in order to thrive.

Though you may be tempted to give the lawn a quick once-over before you leave, you should avoid this as grass is much better able to withstand dry conditions than when it has been freshly mown.

don't mow before you go

What to Do with Container Plants

Container plants can pose a particular problem. If possible, you should move hanging plants and containers into the shade while you are away.

Soak them thoroughly before you leave so that they have a supply of water to draw on over the coming days.