The first Dolce Gabbana SMEG refrigerators have arrived! And don’t they pack a powerful punch for chic and eclectic kitchens?

These hand-painted, limited edition refrigerators were launched to worldwide acclaim at the Milan Design Fair 2016. And you can see why. Colourful, dynamic statement pieces, they represent an innovative collaboration between the highly stylish Dolce & Gabbana design duo from Italy and leading kitchen appliance supplier, SMEG.

The Dolce Gabbana SMEG FAB28 refrigerators are a strictly limited edition of just 100. Hand-painted by Sicilian artists, each design reflects the sizzling colour and dynamism of Sicilian folklore for which D&G is famous.

These amazing Dolce Gabbana SMEG fridges take many hours to complete so the ‘production line’ is necessarily slow. The first refrigerator to be on display in Australia was hand-painted by brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Bevilacqua. Explosions of yellow and red represent the Sicilian sun and the red lava from Mt Etna. The rich geometric patterns depict the battle Argante and Tancredi, and another with Anthea of Babylon.

Currently, six impressive and unique Dolce Gabbana SMEG fridges have been completed by other renowned Sicilian artists Gianfranco Fiore, Tommaso Provenzano, and Michelangelo Lacagnina. Traditional scenes from Sicilian life have been depicted including local fishermen catching an octopus, a farmer picking fruit in the moonlight, and a restful agricultural scene with lemons and sunflowers.

How do creative people achieve success? Find out for yourself.

Each Dolce Gabbana SMEG fridge is completely covered in artwork from the top to the sides. The signature scene on the front relates to the scenes on the sides and the top. Just 100 luxury FAB28s refrigerators will be available to purchase in Australia.

No two are the same and the edition is strictly limited. For prices and availability please contact SMEG for more information. Visit their website before it’s too late.

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