DIY must know will help you keep a cleaner and tidier home without having to pay a contractor. There are some simple things you can master now!

I remember that incredible feeling when you buy your own home. Owning your own walls, your own floors, putting up shelves wherever you want – it’s freeing and one of the best feelings in the world. But when things start to go wrong – that’s when the glow starts to wear off and it starts to feel way too real.

If the toilet starts leaking, you no longer have a landlord to call to fix it. If you need a new water system then it’s your responsibility to pay for it. Being a homeowner can be frightening and more than a little expensive. Luckily, there are some home repairs that you can do yourself…

DIY Must Know 1 : Unblocking The Sink

If your sink is blocked then not only is it incredibly inconvenient when it doesn’t drain properly but it can also end up being a little whiffy.

Unblock a sink by;

  • pouring a cup of baking soda down it,
  • followed by two cups of boiling water,
  • another cup of baking soda,
  • and one cup of white vinegar – beware of the fizzing!

DIY must know

If you’ve noticed a smell coming from the drain then start throwing any old food away in a compost bin instead of down your waste disposal. Knowing how to fix a blocked sink is really the first thing you should learn about your new home!

DIY Must Know 2 : Painting Walls

If you want to do a little redecoration, then why pay someone else to come and do it for you when you can do it yourself? Nothing makes a room look newer or shinier than a brand new coat of paint and you’ll feel incredibly satisfied when you’re done with it. If you’re not confident about colour then familiarise yourself with the colour wheel; it will definitely help.

DIY must know

First of all, ensure you are fully prepared to paint the room by moving all furniture and fixtures well away from the walls. Cover flooring with plastic sheeting (or even newspaper taped to the floor) and cover furniture with old sheets. It’s surprising how far paint will splatter. Apply primer to any areas that you’ve sanded before starting to paint with a brush or a roller – and make sure that you put blue painters

Prep you walls by thoroughly cleaning them. Then sand down if required and apply a primer or undercoat. Check with your local paint store as some paints now contain an undercoat – one less step you have to do.

DIY must know

Use a roller to cover larger surfaces more quickly and ‘cut in’ with a brush around doors, architraves, and cornices (crown molding). Put blue painters tape over your light switches and around windows and door frames so they don’t get painted by mistake.

DIY Must Know 3 : Clearing Out Gutters

It’s important to know how to clean out gutters, particularly when leaves are falling from the trees and will end up clogging the gutters. Although a load of wet leaves don’t really sound like a big deal, the truth is that they are – if your gutter starts to leak it could come through into your house, which will be costly to repair.

DIY must know

To clean gutters;

  • check for any splits, holes, or cracks
  • use a ladder and bucket (or leaf blower) to clean out leaves and dirt
  • have someone steady the ladder on the ground
  • pass down the bucket and tip debris into a wheelbarrow

It’s a simple process but relatively time-consuming. You’ll need to move the ladder along at intervals and dispose of the gutter rubbish in your green bin or compost.

Cleaning gutters effectively will eliminate ice dams in winter, bush fire risk in summer, and issues with animals living in the roof space.

These three DIY must know tips will help you keep your home clean and safe whilst saving money on outsourcing a contractor. Enjoy your home and know you can look after some simple DIY projects.

DIY must know