One of the more underrated aspects of a garden are beautiful garden paths. Paths can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs, and they can also serve many different purposes. They add beauty, interest and functionality.

Have you ever truly thought about what garden paths can do for your home? A pretty gravel path will connect your patio area with an outdoor dining area. Alternatively, you could use stone paths to guide your guests around your garden or exterior. Add solar garden lights for evening magic.

There are lots of different reasons to consider adding garden paths to your outdoor planning. However, there are also a lot of different choices which can make it seem a little overwhelming at first. So in this post, we’re going to talk about some DIY ideas for beautiful garden paths that you can do without the help of a contractor.

Where is the path going to start and end?

First, make sure you have a rough idea of where the garden path will start and where it’ll end. Draw it up on a piece of paper if you have to, or try and create an outline around your garden to mark where the path will be. This will help you get a better idea of how big the path will be and what kind of material would be suitable for the job.

Lay a simple gravel path

The process of laying a simple gravel path is actually fairly straightforward. It’s also one of the most affordable DIY garden path ideas that you can try. Since it’s so cheap and affordable, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve your ideal look.

Mixing different rocks and stones

You could also attempt to mix different rocks and stones. For example, you could have large chunks of rock to serve as the main platforms on a path, then fill the gaps with smaller pebbles. This creates a beautiful contrast in the path and it’s fairly easy to do depending on the materials that you have.

If you have the money and space, try natural stone paths

Just like any kind of renovation or improvement, there are always going to be premium options that are a little more interesting but expensive. For instance, natural stone pavers are a great option for creating stone-based paths in your garden or around your home. They understand the types of designs that people want. Plus, they have access to a large number of different rocks in various shapes and sizes. This makes it very easy for them to supply you with the materials needed to create beautiful garden paths. Alternatively, they can give you a lot of inspiration to help design your path.

Consider using pallets

Another unique option for garden pathing is to use pallets. These scrap pieces of wood can be surprisingly good as paths. Simply break them down into small pieces and then create a snaking path around your garden. You could also leave the entire pallet in one piece if you’re feeling lazy. Either way, this creates a beautiful rustic look that is difficult to ignore.