DIY Home Renovation Projects

Sometimes there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you put your blood sweat and tears into a project. That’s definitely the case with DIY home renovation projects.

That’s why today, Don’t Call Me Penny is teaming up with Australian Heritage Homes, to discuss DIY home renovation projects for you and your families to explore.

Whether you’re working on a budget, a compressed timeline, or you’re going all in, there’s a home renovation project perfect for every situation. Let’s look at a few common scenarios:

You’ve just moved in, and there’s nothing personal about the place –

DIY Home Renovation Projects

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This is a scenario that both Don’t Call Me Penny and Australian Heritage Homes see frequently. Your home should be a place where you can build a lifetime of memories with the ones that you love. Sure, over time your belongings will build a fortress of personality, but shouldn’t there be a foundation to begin with? We recommend painting parties!

Get together as a family, or as a team of roommates, so that everyone can give input into the color scheme. Feeling a wild hair? You can all contribute to a mural in one of the rooms.

Every time you walk past it, you’ll remember the awesome memories. Even better? It’s not a huge investment. Just head to your local paint store, and share your vision.

DIY Home Renovation Projects

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You hate the flooring, but all of the alternatives seem super expensive –

DIY Home Renovation Projects

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We’re sorry they seem this way, because they shouldn’t! There are so many new and efficient flooring materials out there that you can explore. They include engineered wooden planks, floating vinyl sheets, laminate flooring, carpet squares, and cork planks.

Each has different and dynamic benefits, depending on the look and feel you’re going for. The important thing here is to stay within your budget, and not get swayed otherwise.

You’ve got options! Explore them.

DIY Home Renovation Projects

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The backyard…or front yard for that matter, is a mess –

DIY Home Renovation Projects

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This is definitely not fun, especially because your neighbors are parading back and forth in front of it, all day long. Luckily, you’ve got options. But you’ve also got to be strategic.

How do you want to use your backyard? Will you be entertaining? Will you be gardening? Perhaps both? Is a pool in your future? If we’re diving into pools, (pun intended) we recommend calling an expert, but the other situations are easy for you and your family and friends to handle.

Take advantage of social sites like Pinterest, where users pin aspirational ideas and inspiration for future projects. Bring these photos with you when you visit your local hardware and gardening stores. Again, share your budget and determine what’s feasible.

The major benefit here, similar to the painting parties above, is the memories that you’ll make with your loved ones, while embarking on DIY home renovation project adventures.


Any questions on these scenarios? Do you have DIY home renovation projects that you’ve particularly enjoyed? Please share them with us! Also, be sure to check out Australian Heritage Homes site for additional tips and tricks for projects around your home.