DIY home refreshers will make you feel as though you’re living in a new house. Try these four easy ways to refresh your home… all achievable this weekend.

It’s common for people to become a little bored with their homes. After a while, it can feel like we’re going from room to room on autopilot; we don’t even notice all the small details that were once hand chosen with such care.

Sometimes, this boredom with our surroundings makes us think about switching up our surroundings and moving somewhere new, but really, this would be a dramatic reaction to what is a straightforward issue to rectify.

Your home just needs a quick freshen up. Below, we take a look at five ways you can make your house feel, not new exactly, but not quite as boringly familiar.

DIY home refreshers : Use Furniture Hacks

The majority of our home isn’t anything decorative or terribly exciting; it’s just the stuff that needs to be there, for practical reasons.

DIY home refreshers

Take all of the tables and chairs that you have in your home. They may once have looked appealing or interesting, but they don’t anymore. Now they’re just functional. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You can liven up the look of the necessities by engaging in a bit of furniture hacking. Essentially what this means is you take your existing furniture, add some chalk paint and the like, and then it looks new. You can do it an afternoon!


DIY home refreshers : Change the Walls

There is nothing, and we mean nothing, that will change the feel of a room more a different colour of paint on the walls. It can transform the atmosphere, and will for sure make the room feel fresh and new!

So get out that paint and paintbrushes, or hire a company like Brisbane House Painters take care of the job for you.

DIY home refreshers

Remember that there’s an art to picking the right color for your walls, so try out a few options first before settling on one.


DIY home refreshers : Get De-cluttering (Properly)

We’re all prone to just accumulating stuff like, well, stuff. We don’t know where it comes from exactly, but there often comes the point where we’re just simply surrounded by items! And this can seriously compromise the freshness of the home.

If we’re forever surrounded by belongings, then we’ll find it difficult to have that light and airy feeling in our homes.

DIY home refreshers

Fortunately, this is easily handled: have a clear out! It’s satisfying to sell or donate things that we no longer need, and you’ll soon find that your home is a more enjoyable space to be in.


DIY home refreshers : Focus on the Senses

We rightly focus on the aesthetics of our homes, but what about the senses? They can play a big role in how we feel, especially smell.

Is the scent of your home all that it could be? Does it contribute to a dingy, stale atmosphere? If so, but a plug-in diffuser and let those pleasant aromas make their home around your home.

DIY home refreshers

Also, we know it’s for the eyes, but a work of art might be just what you need – they help us see our homes in a new light.

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