Every girl loves skincare so here are some of my favorite divine new skincare products that are perfect for gifts. PLUS, something very special for the boys, new grooming products my partner has been trialing; and he’s loving them.

Listen to what Tamara Shaw from Shaw Beauty has to say about taking care of your skin, beauty routines and choosing a great day spa. I interviewed Tamara on my 88.9FM Fashion + Home radio show. Then check out my top recommendations for divine skincare products; gifts for you or someone else.


Bör Organics

Nicole Richardson is the Australian entrepreneur behind this new and delightful organic brand. Using fruit, vegetable and plant extracts, Bör Organics will awaken your senses, and your skin. I’ve been using the nourishing eye cream (a little goes a loooong way), the citrus cleanser (yum in the shower) and the wonderfully hydrating moisturizer…called Hydrating Moisturiser. Hmmm.

Packed with nutrients, cruelty-free and in recyclable packaging, Bör Organics are the perfect gifts for the girl who loves her skin. And isn’t that all of us?

Bor Organics

Urban Swagman

My partner is the original bushman who eschews my ‘girlie’ products and likes to smell like a man. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to smell ‘nice’ he just doesn’t want to smell like me.

Enter ‘Urban Swagman‘ and their essential oil based, natural products including soap, cologne and beard oil – bringing the bush back to bathrooms. NATCH! With names like ‘Hands Off Snakey’, ‘Lumberjack Fantasies’ and ”Spicy Pirate’ you know these products are going to be different. So of course I wanted my man to try them and give me a report. Apart from the beard oil, which he loves, and the cologne (which is very subtle), I love the sopas, especially ‘Hands Off Snakey’ because it’s an EXFOLIATING soap and it’s bloody brilliant. I am in love wiht this soap.

The others are great too – filling the bathroom with essential oils. While your man may not want to smell like you, you won’t mind smelling like him with these GREAT soaps. You HAVE to try them. urbanswagman.com.au

divine skincare

Soda & Co

From the first time I used the fantastic Sugar Scrub from Soda & Co I was hooked. Delicious scent, mineral oils that kept my skin luscious and it REALLY does an excellent job of sloughing off dead skin and smoothing those rough edges, especially post-winter.

You know those little rough spots you get on your thighs? GONE, baby gone! My legs, arms and chest were smoother than something really really smooth – haha – another exfoliating product to which I am ADDICTED! Buy the set of three for under $55 – great present, or just for you.

soda & co

Sanctuary Spa

There are two products I always keep in the shower – the Sanctuary Spa 2-Day Moisture Shower Oil and the Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish. For my skin I use the Sugar Scrub, but for my face, the warming micro-brasion polish is perfect. It heats up the instant you apply it but then cools down and makes the perfect facial exfoliate – I love it. And the 2-day Moisture Oil smells diving and leaves my skin dewy, with a slight gold tinge. These are may two favourites from Sanctuary Spa and together make a great shower gift.



I was really surprised when I first used the Satin Sally Sleep Mask. It’s actually an exfoliate and moisturizer in one; at least it is for me. A little goes a long way so don’t use too much. The first time I tried it, I used too much and slathered cream all over my face, neck and decolletage. As the fruity-ness settled I noticed that my skin started to flake…. in a good way. It was the dead skin being released. In the morning I just hopped in the shower and my skin was sparkling, fresh, revived and moisturised.

This is a terrific product for those who like their exfoliating simple, and effective. And it smells dreamy too. See more of the Glamourflage products, with the pin-up girl packaging because they make terrific gifts.

divine skincare products

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