Desirable features will likely be on your wish-list when you’re looking for a new home. Knowing what you want in a new home is very important… as is knowing what you DON’T want. How is your list looking?

When you find yourself looking for a new place to live, there are desirable features we all have in mind.

Home viewings can be a minefield. However, if you have a good idea of what your needs are, you should be set to make the right decision.

Desirable Features You Must Have

On your list of desirable features you probably have needs such as the right school zone, proximity to shops or public transport, and the safety or good character of the neighbourhood. These are fairly common and commonsense items.

However, in addition to this many people have a list of must-have items on their mind when looking at the actual house. If you have a dog, for example, then a garden space and good fencing is usually highly desirable.

desirable features

If you are an avid swimmer, then a fibreglass swimming pool may be on the top of your list. Of course, desirable features are individual but if you want to look at everyone’s lists, you may find a recurring theme. Generally an outdoor space (even just a balcony), good water pressure, low maintenance structures and a flexible floor plan are top contenders.

desirable features
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New or renovated wet areas are also on the top of the desirable features list for most people. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most complex areas to renovate. Potential purchasers not seeking to renovate may dismiss a property if they have to spend more money.

An en-suite bathroom is also often on the ‘must-have’ list of buyers and enough bedrooms for children and guests, or a home office.

Possible Desirable Features

The list of ‘possible’ requirements are usually the most flexible, For example, maybe you didn’t want to live on a busy road but the house does have double-glazing. Perhaps the house is nice enough for you to buy on a street you’d normally avoid.

desirable features

You may have a requirement for four bedrooms on your list but the house you love only has three. So you make a decision to remodel and add a room. Or change the floor plan a little so that separate dining room becomes a fourth bedroom.

If you are looking at two properties that are fairly similar, then your list of possibles may play a role in your decision making.

Absolute Non-Negotiable Must-Not Have

This list usually formulates quite quickly into your search. We all know what we really dislike; sometimes it comes to us quicker than the things we like.

Generally, we want to have a home that is safe, secure, and where we can go and not be disturbed. Therefore, if a property is in a noisy area, has a high crime rate or isn’t near the facilities you need, then you aren’t going to put in an offer.

desirable features
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It’s a very fine line between love and hate; however, not when it comes to a property you’ll live in. If a floorboard breaks while you’re viewing the house, you know it’s time to walk away quickly in the other direction

Even though you may have spent a lot of time compiling your list, you may still see a house that doesn’t tick all of your boxes, but you may still fall in love with it. It’s important to listen to your heart. However, make sure your head has a chance to have a say as well.