Designing a warm bedroom when it’s cold and wintry outside is a simple luxury within the reach of most home owners and renters. Just a few simple tips and you’ll be toasty and cozy in no time.

Your bedroom is quite possibly the comfiest room in your house. It’s the place where you can lie back and relax, with a good book and a strong wifi connection. However, designing a warm bedroom isn’t just about being covered in blankets with a soft mattress beneath you.

You can dig through the wardrobe and put on your own comfy style parade. Dress up in silky satin pajamas or throw on a pair of old shorts and a dressing gown.

designing a warm bedroom

All in all, you love your bedroom, and now’s your chance to revel in that completely. Our tastes tend to change with the seasons, and winter IS coming for many readers! So change up your style and be inspired with winter warming ways for designing a warm bedroom

Update Your Mattress

There’s a good chance you’re going to be spending more time in bed now that the winter is here. When the sun goes down earlier it’s telling our bodies we need to hit the hay sooner.

So you’re going to need a mattress that can keep up with your stronger need for sleep, and the longer hours you’re going to be spending in it. The clocks go back and we all rejoice at the idea of an extra hour in bed!

designing a warm bedroom

Why not look into buying yourself a king mattress, to go along with your new king bed, the one you’ve been promising yourself for a long time now?

You’ll be able to roll around for what feels like miles in a warm bed, perfectly catering to your temperature needs. Call it an early Christmas present for you and your partner if you need extra justification.

Have a Rug Next to the Bed

To make sure you’re never stepping foot onto a cold floor. With frigid temperatures making you want to retreat back under the duvet before the day’s even begun, why not put a rug under your bed? Not all the way under, of course, but peeking out enough for you to swing your feet straight onto when you wake up.

Not only does it keep your toes warm, but it helps to pad out the room a little more, making sure there’s less room for the cold to bounce around in.

designing a warm bedroom

Whilst sleeping in some colder temperatures is usually optimal for a good night’s rest, you don’t want your conscious body to have to combat the room temperature as well.

And on that topic, add cushions and throws in faux fur, wool, or velvet for extra special coziness. Tactile fabrics that ooze winter warmth are perfect for snuggling.

Add Some Wood Furnishings

A quick point to finish. Natural furnishings always make us think of warmth, and convincing yourself you’re warm is half the battle! Why not update your bedside tables for something a little more Oak, with visible planks and rustic colour tones?

designing a warm bedroom

Wood will work better with your central heating; it’ll really bring the winter lifestyle together!

Designing a warm bedroom for the winter doesn’t have to take much time; you just need to think about what keeps you feeling warm and cosy, and then implement those ideas.