Designing a child’s bedroom is a huge amount of fun. Gone are the days when a bedroom was merely a place to rest. Now a child’s bedroom is for play, study, rest, entertaining and fun. So how can you get it right?

Designing a child’s bedroom can be the easiest or the toughest room in the house to get right. I am designing nurseries and bedrooms for small children up to teenagers that all have one common factor; PERSONALITY! But is that enough?

designing a child's bedroom

Not necessarily. A child’s bedroom must also be functional as well as fun. That’s where interior designers can save you money because we know that a child’s bedroom must function well. If it doesn’t it will do your head in. When it functions well, your child’s bedroom will grow with them, provide them with the space they need, and stop them taking over other parts of the house – like YOUR private spaces.

When designing a child’s bedroom, it’s important to include some of the ideas and wishes of the child (assuming they are not a toddler or baby, of course). Children aged from about four years old should be included in the process. This sense of ownership will provide a child with confidence and pride. They may even keep their room tidier (well, we can dream, right?).

Designing A Child’s Bedroom That’s Safe and Kid-Friendly:

When choosing paint, surfaces, fabrics and accessories there are many ‘safe’ choices. For example, low and zero VOC paint is the best option for ensuring your child isn’t sleeping in a room with paint chemicals seeping from the walls. Many brands are now offering these types of paint and they are usually washable and good for repelling ‘kid muck’.

designing a child's bedroom

Fire retardant fabrics and natural fibres – such as linen, cotton, wool, hemp – are good options for drapes, blinds, bedding and soft furnishings.

Even new flooring such as Solution-Dyed Nylon Carpet and Luxury Vinyl Planking will take all the heavy traffic and spills kids can dish out. However, when accidents occur there is help at hand with carpet steam cleaning Melbourne to the rescue – a steam clean will address many messes that kids create.

A Child’s Bedroom MUST Function:

It’s important that when designing a child’s bedroom it performs the functions required. That includes thinking about the following.

  • Bed and bedding
  • Storage for clothes, toys, books, games and hobbies
  • Play or chill-out zone
  • Study zone

In a small room, look for a bed with legs and don’t store items underneath. Being able to see under the bed gives the illusion of having more space. Similarly, have open shelves instead of cupboards. To keep the shelves tidy, add colourful or wicker boxes to store items. A mirror will help to distribute light and create a roomier feel.

designing a child's bedroom

In larger rooms, delineate space using a rug or by the positioning of furniture. Create a play area by using a modern teepee, installing a window seat (age-appropriate for safety), or creating a raised platform (like a small stage) for performances.

Designing A Child’s Bedroom Using Colour:

Avoid painting children’s bedrooms in bright or bold colours. Strong colours are not restful and encourage activity, so you may find it difficult to get small children to sleep. Instead, use bold colours in accessories including bedding, cushions, wall art, a rug or soft furnishings.

See our article from Shaynna Blaze and her tips for first-time painters

For walls, choose calming colours such as white, pastel green or blue, pale grey or a suitable wallpaper, such as a soft graphic, delicate flower or calming abstract.

Murals are also very popular as they can be installed and changed easily. Now you can order a printed mural to the exact size of the wall. Check out the best-selling murals from Fancify Interior Solutions.

designing a child's bedroom

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Yes, You Do Need To Inject Fun:

Every child’s bedroom should be FUN! Inspire creativity, confidence and uniqueness by allowing children to choose their toys and accessories (within reason and budget).

Help them choose bedding in which they’ll LOVE to sleep. Let their imagination go wild with quirky accessories, interesting wall art and educational toys. Keep precious or heirloom pieces on a high shelf or out of view until age allows.

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When designing a child’s bedroom, fantastical beds, Circu have rocket ships, hot air balloons, Cinderella carriages, giant shells and more for very special children.

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designing a child's bedroom

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