Designer decorating usually comes at a cost. This is usually because interior designers have an incredible amount of experience under their Gucci belts. However, you can use their concepts for less.

Interior design is something that can cost an incredible amount of money, especially if you get a professional interior designer involved in the process. However, designer decorating can also be something that costs surprisingly little. If you’re willing to put in a bit of work and unleash your own creativity, then use these tips.

While it could ultimately end in a disaster (let’s hope not), there are fairly affordable and simple ways to get designer decor for less. Of course, this assummes you’re willing to be the main designer in your home. So if you’re tired of your current interior design elements and want some advice on designer decorating your home for less, here are some of our top tips to help you save money.

Use lighting to your advantage

You’d be surprised at how lighting can completely change the feel of a room. When you switch to warmer tones, you’ll get a much more laid-back and relaxed feel in your rooms. If you want something more modern, then cooler bulbs can offer the calmer tones that you’re looking for.

However, why not channel your inner eccentric with multi-coloured smart bulbs. These can be controlled with a smartphone which will give you the ultimate level personalisation.

Invest in a single good-quality paint instead of multiple

Repainting your rooms is one of the most cost-effective ways to redesign and create a completely fresh and new appearance. However, people often get into the habit of buying too many different paints, resulting in heavy expenses.

Ideally, pick a single fabulous colour that you like and use it to paint a feature wall or furniture. You’ll save money when you buy in bulk. PLUS.. now this a great designer decorating tip… do you know how to keep a cohesive colour palette but still have different hues? Simply add black paint to darken and white paint to lighten.

This will give you a beautiful tonal palette yet provide dynamic and interesting decor.

Don’t rule out cheap furniture options

Whether it’s an affordable furniture store such as Dreamo or buying antique furniture and upcycling it, don’t avoid cheaper furniture options that still offer a fantastic designer decorating feel.

One of the most creative ways to make use of older furniture is to refurbish and upcycle it to look like something brand-new. It could involve replacing the upholstery, repainting or even using varnish on older pieces of wood. It can be a fun and expressive way to add unique centrepieces to your rooms, especially if you’re feeling creative.

Vinyl panelling can be a cheap walling option

Vinyl wall panels offer an incredibly luxurious-looking rooms for low prices. Vinyl panels can easily be cut and stuck to your walls, making them quick to install and replace in the future.

Buying them in bulk is relatively inexpensive and they come in countless unique designs. From fake brick walls inside your home to ultramodern stone designs, there’s something for everyone. This affordable yet durable walling option that can be used in virtually any room, including your bathroom!