Just the words ‘Design Build’ conjure up images of your dream home. So, if you’re lucky enough to design and build your own home, you want to make sure that it’s perfect in every way.

If you’ve spent time researching building a property from scratch, you will have different ideas about what you’d like to include in construction. Many of these things may be luxuries, such as a walk-in steam shower, but what about the features that will make daily life easier – have you thought much about them?

Design Build

If you’re yet to think about the types of features you desire in your new dream home, there’s no need to stress because I’ve got you covered. Like most interior design lovers, I spend my time daydreaming about home decor and design. So when it comes to features for making your new home the perfect place, I have lots of ideas to share.

Design Build. Smart technology

If you have the luxury of building your home from scratch, make it a smart home. Smart technology has come a long way over the past few years and has been adapted to make day-to-day life much easier. From managing your home’s heating and cooling solutions to being used to put a wash on, smart technology is becoming a vital part of home design.

Investigate different options and find the smart home solution that best fits your lifestyle. For example, do you want a keypad in your home or do you want everything to be operated from your smart phone? You can now have everything from the coffee maker to the blinds closing operated by smart technology.

design build

Design Build. Double glazed windows

To ensure that your property is as energy efficient as possible, double (or triple) glazed windows and doors are a must. To ensure your property doesn’t cost you too much in energy usage, ensure it’s as airtight as possible. And the best way to do that is with high-quality double (or triple) glazed windows, like the Thermotek Windows. Not only is this a great energy saver, but it also cuts down on extraneous noise from traffic and neighbours, depending on where you live.

design build

Design Build. A sizeable kitchen

Too many people underestimate the value of a sizeable kitchen. A small kitchen makes life a struggle because you don’t have the room that you need to move or the bench space to prep and serve food. Kitchens are often the hub of the home and many people like space for a centre island, counter top eating, or even a full dining table. So it’s important to ensure that your property is built with a good sized kitchen suitable for your lifestyle. This will make day-to-day life easier and less stressful.

design build

Design Build. Underfloor heating

In many new builds, underfloor heating is quickly overtaking traditional radiators and split systems in popularity because it can be a more effective way to heat your home. Heat rises, so energy coming up from the floor warms the space you use before it’s wasted on the ceiling. Plus, underfloor heating in a bathroom in winter is the ultimate luxury. Further, in most instances, under floor heating uses less energy than traditional methods, saving you money. Check out different underfloor heating options as installation can be during or after construction.

design build

Design Build. Built-in storage space

Have you ever complained about how little storage you have? Who hasn’t? So when you design and build your own dream home, ensure it has plenty of built-in storage space. Built-in storage space will not only make your day-to-day life easier, but it will also increase the value of your property, making it an incredibly beneficial feature to include in your new build property.

design build

Building your home from scratch is a great way to ensure that it’s designed in the perfect way for your needs. Hopefully, the above tips and ideas will allow you to ensure that your property has all the most important features.

Header image courtesy of Mitchell Barnett Architects (Nashville, TN). Photographer, Chad Allen. Other images courtesy of  DiGiacomo Homes and Renovation, Inspired Dwellings, Angus McKenzie Architect,  Key Piece Interior Designers, Esther Hershcovich,  and Lawrence Architecture .Click on image to go to designer’s website.