There is one major design-build tip that most experts will tell you. If you’ve done some homework on the trials and tribulations of self-builds, you’ll know it can take years to complete a house build project.

This obviously costs a great deal of money. While the property is in development, it’s not worth anything, yet you’re spending money to push the project along. Still, building your own home can save you money and be an investment if you spend wisely. Pushing through without full consideration can wind up costing you much more down the track. Hence, the one design-build tip you need to know.

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One Design-Build Tip You Must Know: Planning! And More Planning!

The design is the most crucial part of any house build so engage professionals – Architect, Building Designer, Engineer, Interior Architect, Interior Designer, Landscaper – all with the skills to add great value to your home. If you had found your perfect home in existence you wouldn’t be embarking on a design-build. To make sure what you’re building is just right, you need to spend as much time as possible working out what it is you’re really after.

What you need today may differ somewhat to your needs in a decade. In fact, your life may have changed quite a lot by the time you’ve finished this project!

Families grow, and then the kids fly the nest. We age and become less physically able. We tire of the commute and want to work from home more often. The kids might find new hobbies, and you might have new pets. Anything can happen so make sure your design is up for it all. The last thing you want is to have to renovate your brand new home.

Rushing through a design and build can also lead to mistakes. Forgetting crucial elements of the build like connecting electricity for the tradespeople or installing the underfloor heating too early, or deciding to install it too late, will cause expensive delays. It could even cost you more money if you have to undo things to put them right. Your ‘To-Do’ list is going to be long. Your project management skills are going to have to be on point. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking things twice!

This is truly design-build tip #1.  Plan meticulously. Ensure your budget covers what you want AND what you can afford. Consult your design team as there are some items on which you should spend money and others that aren’t as crucial. For example, don’t skimp on the quality of items that actually hold the house together. Ensure your budget covers high-quality products including building materials, steel, external windows and doors, and roofing.

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It’s Design-Build Tip 101 and will save you headaches and heartaches.

Rushing through the fixes can prove disastrous if not disappointing. Let one tradie finish before another comes in to tackle the next thing. For example, kitchen countertops can’t be measured for manufacture until the cabinets have been installed. If there is a delay in installing the countertops other work on the kitchen cabinetry is then usually stalled. So you must ensure that if kitchen cabinets are installed in the morning you have the countertop people ready to measure that afternoon.

Distractions and tight working spaces lead to mistakes. Wet plaster can be ruined easily, and carpet on a damp finish floor will cause future problems. If something gets missed, the safety of your family could be in danger. Plan and project manager so your contractors have the opportunity to show you just how good they are.

The more time you allocate to each task, the less likely you’ll go over. All budgets have a contingency, but yours should be safe if you plan things with time to spare. Take your time to plan well and save yourself a fortune.

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