Your delightful decor has been in situ for five minutes and now you’re petrified it will get ruined. It may not be kids and pets that ruin your delightful decor… it could be something far worse.

Decorating and furnishing a home is expensive- and so once your delightful decor is looking beautiful, it makes sense that you’d want to keep it that way.

Looked after well, you should be able to get away with only making minor maintenance for a number of years, and you can protect the decor in which you’ve invested.

delightful decor

But what exactly can you do at home to keep your delightful decor looking its best for longer? Here are a few ideas.

Keep an eye on the temperature

During the winter months when the temperature drops, our homes are at risk of condensation which leads to the formation of black mould.

Not only is this bad for health as it causes respiratory issues, but it can also damage your paint and wallpaper. Usually starting off in one corner of a wall or ceiling it can quickly spread and be difficult to get rid of.

If you already have black mould then treating this with an antifungal treatment is the best way to go. You might also choose to decorate using mould resistant paint too, if this is a serious and ongoing issue.

delightful decor

However, there are ways you can prevent this in the first place, and keeping a consistent temperature is one of them. When the house is warm, moisture won’t condensate on surfaces and so there’s less chance of mould forming.

Set your thermostat, or invest in smart home heating such as Hive. You could even purchase a generator as a backup source of power and heat if yours is knocked out due to a fault or bad weather.

A diesel generator will be more efficient on fuel than petrol, and so will produce less co2 emissions. Ideal if you’re eco-conscious, something all of us should aim to be.

Protect your carpets

One of the areas that start showing damage and marks first will be your carpets. It can be frustrating as they’re expensive and make such a difference to the appearance of your home.

However, there are ways you can keep carpet looking good for longer. Implement a no shoes rule. This prevents mud and bacteria being traipsed through your home.

delightful decor

If you have hard flooring downstairs (such as wood, laminate or tile) and carpets upstairs, create a ‘no shoes upstairs’ rule instead.

Food and drinks spills are another way your carpets and soft furnishings can get damaged. Eating at the table helps to protect your surfaces keeping your delightful decor more beautiful for longer.

If you do need upholstery cleaning Melbourne then consult the experts and protect your valuable fabrics.

Keep your home clean and tidy

When your home is clean and tidy, it’s much less likely to get damaged from lack of care. Piles of mess or clutter for example can hide things like pest damage, which could go unnoticed for longer.

delightful decor

If you’re regularly tidying and cleaning, pulling out furniture to vacuum behind you’re more likely to spot problems and be able to put them right before too much damage occurs.

What do you do to keep your delightful decor looking good for as long as possible?