Dangerous garden traps are not what any of us expect when we venture outdoors to work in the garden or entertain friends.

For so many of us, the garden is a truly valuable outside space. It’s a place that we can relax, entertain, and spend time together as a family. It’s not a place where we think of the dangerous garden traps that may lurk in the shadows.

Of course, that means you will want to be as safe and happy in this space as possible, and definitely don’t want anything horrid ruining that time.

That is why you need to be sure that the following dangerous garden traps are nowhere near your precious outdoor space!

dangerous garden traps

Dangerous Garden Traps: Pests

It can be incredibly difficult to ensure that there are no pests at all in your outside space. Especially if you live in the countryside, you cook alfresco on a regular basis, or if your neighbours don’t keep on top of their garden maintenance too well.

In fact, there is likely to be some pests in your garden right now, you just don’t know they are there, so it doesn’t bother you!

However, there are some in particular that can be a real pain and dangerous to boot. Critters such as mice and rats can spread disease through their faeces making your outside space an unsafe space for the kids to play. To rid your outside space of these, you can use special poison and traps in the areas that they frequent.

A well-placed trap can help you get rid of your rodent problem.

dangerous garden traps

Snakes too can be a real problem here in Oz, especially if they are of the Mulga or Taipan varieties as they have a nasty venomous bite. Not something that you want to have to deal with when you just popped out to water the Azaleas!

Luckily though, you can call on a professional snake catcher to help you get rid of your slithering visitor calmly and safely. A service that is well worth using as it means you can get the peace and tranquillity of your outside space back without having to go one on one with a dangerous reptile. Phew!

dangerous garden traps

Dangerous Garden Traps: Poisonous Plants

Remember though that not all the dangers in your outside areas come from the animals that find their way in your garden. In fact, some of the most dangerous things may already be there, without you even knowing.

What we are referring to here is plants that can be poisonous if ingested. Not something that is a massive issue if you know about them and don’t have any kids or pets to worry about.

However, if they go undetected, they can provide a huge risk to the safety of little ones and your family’s furry friends. That is why it’s vital that you educate yourself on what the most common poisonous Australian plants look like as well as how to remove them safely from your garden.

dangerous garden traps

Dangerous Garden Traps: Unprotected Water

Common features of many gardens here in Oz include reflecting pools, hot tub, or swimming pool. After all, what is more, pleasant that taking a dip to cool off when the sun is shining?

However, when you have a water feature in your outside space, you need to be very careful about protecting it for safety purposes.

That means you will need safety cover for any pool, that ensures folks can’t fall in and get trapped if they don’t realise it’s there. Otherwise, a water feature that is meant to create so much joy can end up being a real horror that you wish was nowhere near your garden.