If daily gardening is not on your list of things to unwind and rid your body of stress, then maybe it should be.

“Oh! I had such a stressful day”- is a pretty common statement, right? Returning to our home sweet home after a hectic day seems like the perfect antidote for stress. But maybe daily gardening is.

As we flop on the bed or sofa, we still feel stressed. Turning on the television, music system, laptop, or the oven is what we usually do, yet the stress remains. A vacation surely does take away all the overload of stress, but that’s an expensive affair.

Hitting the malls/movie theatres seem monotonous after a while. So, what are we looking for? A simple activity that calms our mind! Something that enlivens our body and spirit!

Something that could vanish all the stress in a wink, has little exercise involved, is outdoor, still affordable and can be done daily. So, the answer- Daily Gardening! It’s like yoga… with dirt.


daily gardening


Daily Gardening: 3 Way Stress Buster

Gardening soothes your senses and helps you to relax. There are 3 major ways in which gardening busts all the stress build-up inside our mind and body.

Connecting with Nature Lessens Stress:

Gardening allows us to go out and connect with nature which is essential for our body, mind and soul. Modern day liofe sees us connected to technology but putting your hands and feet in real dirt is therapeutic.

While gardening, our body is exposed to sunlight. This elevates two chemicals in our brain; serotonin and melatonin. The first chemical, serotonin, makes us feel good and well-balanced. Melatonin helps us achieve peaceful sleep.


daily gardening

When we are gardening, we are out in the open among greenery. The fresh oxygen intake improves our system. We feel healthy, energetic and our concentration ability increases. We feel powered-up body wise as well as mentally.

The sights and sounds of nature help us relax. The beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies, chirping of birds and cool wind make us one with nature.

It helps our mind and body feel peaceful by letting our mind, body and spirit get succumbed in wonderful natural ambience. Gardening thereby takes away all the stressful thoughts.


daily gardening


Daily Gardening provides a comforting diversion thereby eliminating stress:

When we shift out attention into doing something as lovely as gardening, we de-stress ourselves. Sitting idle, doing everyday chores, or watching TV doesn’t let us forget our work pressure or other stressful issues.

Gardening does! As we are engrossed in planting and nurturing, our mind shifts focus to a relaxing activity. Automatically giving our body and mind a break. Thus, we naturally feel relaxed and de-stressed.

Daily Gardening is an inspiring creative process that relieves stress:

The complete process of gardening involves, setting up a special place to sit and sow your favorite flower, fruit or herb seeds. Nurture them at any hour of day. See them grow and bear flowers/fruits.

The whole experience is a rewarding process, where you wait to see the beautiful results. As we take delight in the blooming flowers and ripening of fruits we de-stress ourselves.

It also feels great when friends, family and neighbors feel awe and inspired by your creative garden.


daily gardening

Daily Gardening: Tips and Tricks

#1 Egg-shells enhance calcium in plants. Powder them in grinder and mix it with the soil.

#2 To maintain your plant health, mix Epsom salt in water and sprinkle them on your plants 2 times per month.

#3 You can use a brush cutter for clearing grass that often crop up in your garden area.

#4 To give your plants their nutrients doze, store the water used for boiling vegetables. It is a natural plant fertilizer. Cool down the water and then use on plants.

#5 Diapers when placed in the bottom of the plant pots can hold good amount of moisture for the plants. Best for summers/dry weather as this trick can save you from daily watering.


daily gardening


Yes! Gardening is an easy task that a person of any age can enjoy doing. Whether done alone or with family and friends, gardening is a perfect stress-killer.

You only need a little space in the front/back, on the balcony/terrace, or just a wall/window where you can set up your very own garden. If you love flowers, you can see them blossom in front of your eyes.

Fruit trees, vegetable bushes and herbal plants are also a hit. Take your pick and be stress-free!

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