Is your curtain insulation keeping your home warm now that the cold weather has hit? Try these tricks to save energy and keep your family cozy.

There are four simple ways to ensure your curtain insulation is of a high standard. If you live in a cold climate and don’t have double glazing, then think of your curtains as your new best friend. They will not only keep the heat in, and the cold out, but chosen well they will be the finishing touch to your interior decorating.

Which Curtain Insulation Fabric Should I Use?

Not all fabrics are created equal. Loosely woven fabrics will allow chilly air to enter the room, so avoid linen, cotton, silk, lace and sheers. The exceptions are if you have double glazing or you also install heavy black-out lining, but that’s not very stylish.

Better choices are heavyweight and tightly woven fabrics including velvet, suede, brocade, tweed, denim, and tapestry.

These provide a dense barrier to cold outside air coming in and the warm air in your room leaking out through the windows.

For different curtain options try Temple & Webster where you can shop on-line.

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Do I Need Extra Curtain Insulation?

You can choose curtains that have a purpose-designed insulation or thermal layer that will extra protection from outside cold and stop inside warmth from escaping. Insulated curtains are constructed with three layers – a vapour barrier coating, a stylish or decorative outer covering, and a reflective film that allows heat to be deflected back into the room.

Insulated or thermal curtains can be found at budget places like Target, IKEA, and Spotlight.

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Will A Layered Window Treatment Work?

Absolutely. If you want a more stylish effect that will also provide effective insulation hanging two curtains together can be very chic. This is also a designer way to keep the air space ‘tighter’ thus further preventing leaks and drafts.

For example, choose curtains that complement each other – perhaps a pattern and a block colour, or a stripe and a floral in the same colour tones.

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Does Installation Make A Difference?

Yes. Properly installed curtains will help save up to 25% of heat loss. A pelmet will help keep cold air from coming in at the top of curtains. These are very easy to make yourself so check out how to make a pelmet on the Good Housekeeping website.

Further curtain insulation will be achieved by hanging them wider than the window frame. Let the fabric fall to the floor and then install the curtain rail as close to the window as possible.

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