Don’t curb your enthusiasm when it comes to creating the right first impression for the front of your home. 4 easy ideas will make all the difference.

In life and in our homes, first impressions matter. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply looking to make it look nicer from the outside, then improving your curb appeal can be money well spent. So don’t curb your enthusiasm for some weekend projects.

Having said that, it doesn’t need to cost very much to make the front of your home look better. It can make all of the difference, though, especially if you want to sell your home.

So here are some easy wins to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Quick, easy, and pretty inexpensive. What will you be attempting first?

curb your enthusiasm


A quick and easy solution to improving the look of the outside of your home is to repaint. It could be the whole of the exterior if the outside of the home is rendered. It could be the front door, fencing, or shutters that need a repaint.

A fresh coat of paint can brighten the whole place up, as well as give it a new look if you choose a new colour. If you haven’t got the ladders to do the whole of the outside of your house, then look for a painter for houses and they could do the work for you.

If it is a case of doing the doors or fencing, then it is much easier to do yourself. A day’s work and it will look much better. For shutters, you could even choose a bold colour to make them stand out and make them pop as people drive down the street.

curb your enthusiasm

Upgrade Your Mailbox

If you have a mailbox that is on the side of the street, then you want that to be looking good too. It might sound silly, but if it is looking a little worse for wear, then it can put people off.

A broken, hanging or chipped mailbox can look cheap and tacky, and it can put people in a negative mindset from the off. If you are looking to sell your house then this is a small thing that can be a quick fix and put people in a good mood right before they’ve even stepped onto your driveway.

curb your enthusiasm

New House Numbers

Is it clear what number your house is? It can be pretty annoying for anyone looking for your house, if they can’t find your house easily. So make it simpler to find by getting new house numbers for your wall, letterbox, fence, curb, or front door. Don’t curb your enthusiasm by choosing boring numbers either – choose highly decorative numbers, polished brass numbers, reflective steel numbers, ceramic numbers, the choice is endless.

Our neighbour has created a two mosaics with their house number on them and nailed them to either side of a tree at their gate. Some of the mosaic pieces are mirrored so it reflects the light at night. Clever.

Again, a simple and pretty inexpensive win that can make all of the difference.

curb your enthusiasm

Tidy Plants and Trees

Having some plants, flowers, and trees in your front yard can be great; just what people want. But what they don’t want to see is overgrown bushes, shrubs or trees.

So keep them neat and tidy or whittle them down to just a few if you find that you have too many to keep under control. Planters by the front door can look good too, as well as hanging baskets full of colourful blooms.

This is especially good in spring and summer when all of the flowers are in bloom.

curb your enthusiasm