From where do you get your creative inspiration? One of the most beautiful things about traveling is coming home with fabulous creative inspiration. The longer you are away, the more you see, taste, talk and experience leaving you brimming with creativity. But what about if you have a big project coming up and you don’t have time to jet-set?

What if all you have time to do is hire a car, pack a quick grab bag of things and go? The pressure for creative inspiration that builds up to perform, or produce something interesting for your clients can be pretty intense – more so if you lose your flow, or need a creative boost and don’t seem to be getting what you want.

Here are a few ways that you can boost your creative juices and light that spark without breaking the bank.

Creative Inspiration: Green

Hire a car from and get to the greenest place you can find. Remember to take your phone or a camera and a notebook. Green gives us a natural boost of productivity – which is ideal when you are under time pressure.

creative inspiration

Walking also helps our brains tap into another place, and while we think we are simply enjoying the views, our minds are making different connections.

So when you still back at your desk you might have a few photos and ideas for inspiration you didn’t have before. 

Creative Inspiration: Art

An art gallery is filled with amazing works from people who at one point, probably felt the exact amount of stuck that you are feeling now.

creative inspiration
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand: Khao Yai Art Museum, Museum art collection of paintings and sculptures, Open to visitors free of charge at all.

They produced beautiful bright works, complicated dark and twisty works, and everything in between. Sitting for a few hours admiring and considering a piece of art is very effective at helping our imaginations run wild. 

Creative Inspiration: Museums

There is a lot to be said about looking into the past to create things for the future. And while some of it will be completely unrelated to what you are working on. You never know when a roman coin and some Egyptian artifacts might hold the key to your problems.

creative Inspiration
Mexico City, Oct 2016: Replica of Teotihuacan Temple at National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia, MNA) – Mexico City, Mexico

Before all of these things were created and then discovered, other people spent time trying to make them a reality – which is pretty cool. This might just spark your enjoyment of research, and uncovering new methods (or old methods) or doing something and applying it to your own work. 

Creative Inspiration: Food

You can take a drive to the next city, or a few towns away and be indulged in a totally different food experience. It is important to note that smell is one of the senses that can transport you back to sitting eating toast in your Nana’s living room when you were 5. Or take you to the moment you saw a car accident and the smell of crushing metal and petrol.

creative inspiration
Photo courtesy of vitchakorn-koonyosying via Unsplash

So when you are trying new food, you are also able to smell new things. Taste is significant too. Trying a new cuisine might prompt you to do more research about the culture. And something in the culture and research might be the answer you are looking for.