Your outdoor shed may not be an area you consider or put much effort into when organising your home. However, contrary to perceptions, it is crucial to pay attention to it to maximise your usable storage space.

Fortunately, Australians value their outdoor living, which explains why many homeowners add a separate outdoor shed to their homes. According to real estate experts, a garden shed can increase property value by as much as 20,000 Australian Dollars.

Meanwhile, it’s not just about building one. Additionally, it’s best if you had it well-organised. Here are some creative suggestions on what you can do to maximise the functionality of your outdoor shed.

Floating shelves for an outdoor shed

If you never thought of them, wood floating shelves are great options to keep the shed looking neat and organised. It also gives you enough room because floating shelves do not use up floor space. By removing clutter from the shed’s floor, you will create additional space to keep other bulky supplies that do not need shelves. Moreover, because of the versatility of wood floating shelves, they can be installed in corners you wouldn’t have considered to be storage space.

Furthermore, it’s easier to identify your shed supplies when you use the floating shelves design option. The most notable feature about these shelves is their ability to make any space look cleaner and functional.

Repurpose old bookshelves

Sometimes, all you need to organise your shed is to take another look at things you can repurpose into storage space. A typical example is an old bookshelf. Instead of taking it to the dump, it will find renewed ‘life’ in the shed. The only caution to take when repurposing old bookshelves is to ensure they are still solid and will not topple over after placing a few items on them. If you’re not certain about its sturdiness, you have the option to drill it into the wall for boosted support.

As a tip, you can add a splash of colour to your repurposed bookshelf. Paint it in a hue that adds vibrancy to your shed. For more natural tones, choose brown, black, dull green or beige. More importantly, avoid placing your repurposed wooden bookshelf on earthy floors. In other words, if your outdoor shed ground is not cemented or tiled and is bare soil instead, your bookshelf stand will likely rot.

Turn an old pallet into a storage organiser

Pallets are versatile accessories in most industries that involve the use of forklifts and cranes in lifting heavy items. In the home, you can transform an industrial pallet into a reliable shed storage organiser. They are excellent ways to store tools if you don’t have a toolbox. You have two options to get your repurposed pallet to work.

First, you can drill nails into them to hold a variety of tools. The second option is to fix the pallet into a sturdy wall and use individual boards to hang hammers and similar work tools. Again, if you’re sticking to a colour pattern, paint it in a hue that blends in with everything else.

Your outdoor shed is not necessarily a place to dump things you don’t need. However, even if it is, put much effort into getting it organised, neat, safe and reliably functional.

As a tip, store similar items together to avoid unneeded stress that comes with looking for things in your shed. Lastly, know what to keep in the shed and what not to store there.