Creating unique homes is a goal to which we should all strive. Our homes reflect our personalities, lives and loves. Your life is unique to you so your home should be as unique as you are. And the good news? When creating unique homes only a few rules apply.

Creating unique homes is easy… and not easy. It’s easy to craft a home that is a little, well, boring. Sure, it can be well put-together and look aesthetically pleasing, but there’s little that makes it stand it from all the other homes on the street. The tough bit is that it’s sometimes hard to settle on what our home should look like.

We collect pieces from travels and relatives. Then we move in with someone and inherit their ‘stuff’ too. Kids come along and having the home you crave may get put to one side.

creating unique homes

Plush Design Interiors – photography by Claudine Burgess


creating unique homes

Plush Design Interiors – photography by Claudine Burgess

It does take effort to make your home unique; it won’t happen all by itself! Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. All it takes are a few expert interior design tips mixed with desire and a plan.

Creating Unique Homes #1: Find a Theme

What do you want your home to say? It’s rare that people think of their home in terms of “themes,” but it’s worth thinking about.

In so doing, you’ll be able to give your house a voice. What exactly your theme will be will depend on the size and style of your property.

Not that your entire house has to fall under the “one theme for the whole place” rule. It’s much more interesting to have a different vibe in every room although within the cohesion of an overall plan.

creating unique homes

Taubmans TIMELESS (lower colour) & WHITE PEARL (top colour)

For example, open plan living areas and rooms that are linked need a cohesive colour scheme so they don’t feel disjointed. However a little more personality can be injected into bedrooms.

Bedrooms tend to be separate from other rooms and only occupied by one or two people. Therefore they more suited to decor that’s more style-specific than the rest of the house.

Creating Unique Homes #2: Unusual Pieces

Have you ever been to a house and noticed that everything there you’ve seen in another person’s home?

That’s because most people tend to get all their belongings from the same giant stores. While these pieces can be nice, you’ll find them in 90% of other people’s homes!

creating unique homes

Image courtesy of Essential Home

One of the exceptions to having a cookie-cutter home is when you engage an interior designer. In my work at Plush Design Interiors, I source textiles, furniture, lighting, art and accessories to ensure I’m creating unique homes. Penelope Herbert, Interior Designer

For truly unique items, source your furniture from local furniture stores, your decorations from vintage markets, and your household items from boutique stores. In so doing, you’ll be putting together a truly home that will be unlike anyone else’s.

Creating Unique Homes #3: Upcycle + Recycle

If you’re not in the market for new furniture but want to put your own spin on your existing pieces, look at upcycling your current goods.

This usually involves only a small amount of work, which anyone can do! For example, if you have a table, you can look at buying some chalk paint and painting the legs. Chalk paint is very easy to use and furniture does not require any preparation apart from cleaning. No sanding and no primer. Perfect!

creating unique homes

Your wooden furniture will look brand new – not to mention more expensive – and it’ll only have taken you an hour or so. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at Pinterest and other sites for ideas on how to put your own spin on factory produced goods.

Though be warned, this approach is addictive – you’ll want to touch up everything you own!

Creating Unique Homes #4: Add Your Personality

You’ve got a personality; is it represented in your home? If not, work on showcasing your inner being in your house.

You can do this by incorporating the souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels into your decor, or if you’re an artist, hanging works you’ve produced on the wall.

creating unique homes

Plush Design Interiors

The great thing about adding your own personality is that there are no rules. It’s YOU! It’s your home and you will want to live with the things you love.

I always say to my clients, it’s not my job to tell you what is tasteful or suitable. My job is to interpret in the most functional and stylish way what you love and how you live your life. It’s about perfectly imperfect interiors that are interesting, chic, surprising and very livable. And, yes, that could be beige or that could be a riot of colour. Penelope Herbert, Interior Designer

Creating Unique Homes #5: Play With Colours

People tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to their colour selections, but there’s no rule that says this has to be the case!

Choose three to five colours you really like. Use the 60/30/10 rule when applying colour to a room. Use one or two main colours and then one, two or three as accent colours. How colourful you go is up to you.

creating unique homes

Ludic Blush wallpaper from Wall Sauce (UK)

If you are seeking a restful home, use a pale colour but in different strengths. For example, choose a colour and paint one wall. The paint the other three walls in half strength of the same colour. Paint the ceiling a quarter strength of the original colour. Cornices, architraves, windows, doors and skirting boards can be painted in white.

If you’re feeling brave, then get out the paintbrush and brighten up the place. It’ll certainly lead to a unique home! Check out the great tips from Shaynna Blaze for first time painters.

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creating unique homes

Plush Design Interiors – photography by Claudine Burgess –