Every girl needs a few handbags, right? Yes, I knew you’d agree. We need a day bag, a tote bag, a coloured bag, an evening bag, an iPad bag…at the very least.

And there are are other considerations such as size, texture, fabric, use, co-ordination with outfits, whether it’s a statement piece…the list goes on. So when writing about handbags, its good to categorize the oiptions for carting around everything from a lipstick and credit to the kitchen sink. Are you one of those people, like me, whereby the bigger the handbag the more you out in it?


It got me thinking about clutches and how they didn’t really exist until a few years ago. Bigger than an evening bag but smaller than a handbag – slim, handy, with or without shoulder strap, and ideal for day or night use.

I have quite a few clutches; you could say I am crazy for clutches – black, silver, beaded, geometric, pink, cream, orange, leather, non-leather, fabric….you get the picture.

I even have a gorgeous clutch designed from a cigar box – it’s a cigar box with the original cigar labeling on one side and a fabulous beaded scene of ladies dancing on the other. I love it, and I always get lots of comments when I use it. (Note to self; take a picture for Instagram)

http://www.dontcallmepenny.com.auSo when I saw a collection of interesting new European designed clutches, I decided to share them with you; I am hoping you are crazy for clutches too. They have in common a BoHo theme as all are colourful, unique and…well…I’m just crazy for clutches, what can I say?

The clutches from The Hobo Society are fabulously boho, vintage kilim clutches from Morocco and Hobo Society have a larger collection on their website (plus the one made from wood). The owners travel from Australian to the Arctic looking for the best designed and highest quality fashion, homewares, furniture and art they can find.

I adore the clutches from Antik Batik which are beautifully beaded and elegantly shaped. Antik Batik is a French fashion and accessories house with a gorgeous range of beaded bags and dresses plus jewellery and shoes. They are on my internet equivalent to speed-dial. #love


The elegantly two-tone clutches from Claris Virot are ethically-sourced python leather imported to France in accordance with international laws protecting endangered species.

And I had to include the divine lilac clutch from L’Eclaireur where founders Armand & Martine Hadida have pioneered a design and fashion experience for their customers. Even Alex Perry designs an exclusive range for L’eclaireur.


I’ll keep being crazy for clutches and will hunt around for some more fabulous handbags for you.

Happy Shopping xx