If you thought a courtyard firepit was only good in winter, think again. While a courtyard firepit is warming in the winter, it’s also suitable for cooler summer evenings too.

This step-by-step guide from celebrity landscaper, Jason Hodges, shows you how to easily build your own courtyard firepit. Plus, there’s a supporting YouTube video at the end of this feature. You might also like to read another article with top tips from Jason Hodges on Backyard Blitz.

courtyrad firepit

Jason Hodges Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Courtyard Firepit

Materials Required, w/ AdBri Masonry:

  • AB Courtyard York Blocks x 56
  • AB Courtyard Caps x 28
  • Tube of Masonry Adhesive x 2
  • 20kg bag crushed rocks x 10
  • Metal fire ring (optional) x 1
  • 20kg bags of decorative rocks (optional) x 6
courtyard firepit

Step One

1.Courtyard Firepit Excavation

Determine the location of your courtyard firepit and excavate the area. Lay down the first layer of AB Courtyrad York Blocks and amrk their location. Remove bloks and dig a level trench 75mm deep x 178mm wide or excavate a full circle.

courtyard firepit

Step Two

2. Creating the Foundation

Fill the trench with a weak mix of cement and sand approx 6:1 (6 parts sand to 1 part cement). Level the fondation. Place x AB courtyard blocks at the cross points of the circle. Use a straight 2×4 to check the level. Add or remove sand and cement mix to adjust.

courtyard firepit

Step Three

3. Laying the First Course

On the foundation pad, lay a course of blocks. Check the level every few laid blocks. Check side to side and back to front to ensure a level base course.

courtyard firepit

Step Four

4. Second Course

Stack the next course of bricks and check the levels as you go. Clean the centre of your courtyard firepit and lay approx 6 x 23kg bags of clean rock wihtin the circle until the bottom is covered. Rake smooth with a shovel.

courtyard firepit

Step Five

5. Finish with Wall Caps

Place AB courtyard caps on the top of your courtyard firepit securing them with masonry adhesive.

courtyard firepit

Step Six

6. Finishing Touches

In the interior of your wonderful new courtyard firepit, install decorative rocks and then place a steel bowl or metal ring in the centre. This will contain the flames. Now… grab a wine and a bag ofmarshmallowss.

Watch the YouTube Video :


About Adbri Ambassador Jason Hodges

Jason Hodges is Australia’s well-loved celebrity landscaper, most notably seen on the Channel Seven lifestyle TV show Better Homes and Gardens. Jason and his Greenart Gardens team won The Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Comeadow Award at the Melbourne International Flower And Garden Show (MIFGS 2013), with their entry of an inviting entertainment space, complete with an alfresco kitchen, dining area, and an edible landscape of vegetables and herbs. Jason is also a brand ambassador for Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer Adbri Masonry.

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