Our thoughts now turn to creating a cosy winter vibe in our homes. In Australia, we’re heading toward our winter months. In most places, we don’t have a bone-chilling winter, at least not like the ones that the US and UK experience.

But for us Aussies, things definitely do get a hell of a lot colder so we seek cosy winter solutions. It’s so hard to even imagine that we have the blistering summers that we do. However, at the minute, all we can do is dream of that blistering heat.

For winter is here, and your home needs to have those winter vibes to make sure it’s ready for what’s ahead. We’ve got some cool additions for you that should make your home all cosy and wintry, we hope you like them!

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Little Decor Changes for A Cosy Winter

There’s no harm in a few seasonal decor tweaks. A home is built for it, and trust me, there’s a difference between summer decor and winter. Summer is all about bright open spaces, whereas winter is all about that darker more cosy feel. So, what’s the one thing that can help with that setting?

Blinds! Timber venetians are something super funky that I think all homes should consider. They’re different from the light airy curtains you’ve probably had all summer, and they’ll nicely help to keep that warmth in. Add delicious velvet or elegant brocade curtains to really keep out the chills. These can be swapped out for lighter drapes when the weather gets warmer.

Change your decor to make it more relaxing and welcoming. Think candles, with a winter scent of course. For a real winter feel, go for a woodwick candle, one that crackles whilst burning!

Anything else that you can think of that will add warmth and calm to your living room is what you need to be thinking about. Faux fur throws, comfy knitted cushion covers, sheepskin rugs (on chairs AND floors)… textiles that feel luxurious and warm on the skin for when you stylishly snuggle up to binge-watch Netflix.

cosy winter

Burn Baby Burn

Many Australian homes don’t have a fireplace because, well, they don’t need one. But when the winter chill hits, even in warmer Australian climates, there is something joyous about a crackling fire.

And it doesn’t have to be real – it can be fake. They’re so nice to look at, even if they are artificial. Plus, there’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling up in front of a fire. If you don’t have, or want, a fireplace then a gas or ethanol fire will provide fire ambience without the mess. Yes, real wood fires do require cleaning regularly.. and you have to GET the wood and bring it into the house and store it and… It can be a lot of work, and it’s not instant heat.

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Pull Out The Fluffies

You really can’t go wrong with some fluffy accessories to help make you feel like you’re having a cosy winter. This can literally be applied to any room, and it really is a great way of keeping nice and warm, whilst making a home look snazzy.

So, we think a nice fluffy rug in front of your fire will set things off, and some fluffy pillows on your bed will give you something to cuddle up to! The living room and the bedroom are the main two ones that you want to be focusing on with this one!

cosy winter