Cool interiors work regardless of what the weather is doing outside.Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer months or the frosty chills of winter; retaining chic and cool interiors will ensure you’re living in a calm and serene environment that enhances inner peace.

There are multiple things you can do to refresh your house, and the following are some tips and ideas to help ensure that you’re keeping your cool in your abode.

Keep Walls Bright

Deep and dark hues can be a beautiful addition to the walls of your home; however, they can create feelings of warmth as they tend to draw a room inwards. In order to maintain a refreshing feel to a space, consider painting the walls a light, neutral tone.

Crisp white paint is a classic choice and will stand the test of time when it come to interior trends; it will allow you to switch up any accent colours within the room with ease, while keeping the ambiance lifted and light.

If you’re not keen on a plain white wall space; neutral hues, like taupe, pale blue, and pastel-yellow, are both contemporary choices that will last the years to come. The colors and patterns you choose to paint or wallpaper your living areas, should feel serene, so that you’ll feel breezy when surrounded by them.

Always invest in good quality paint or paper when covering your walls, to ensure any dirt can be wiped away easily, and the room will stay fresher for longer.

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Lift The Floor Colours

Again, if you incorporate a dense, deep-pile dark carpet to each room in your home, you’re likely to lose the cool, modern feel of a contemporary home. The floor itself could still be a dark shade; but consider hardwood flooring or tiles instead of carpet. Of

Of course there will be places like the bedroom that you’ll want a softer feeling underfoot; so simply choose a carpet with a lighter, neutral colour. There are plenty of knotted and woven choices that will maintain a fresh feeling to your space.

You don’t have to shy away from patterned floor tiles either; often, certain styles and pattern designs are associated with coastal areas and hot European climates. Therefore bringing a little Spanish influence into your casa will induce relaxed feelings, and thoughts about sun, sea, and sangria.

Your floor tiles could also be a cooler feeling material, like stone and slate; these are also usually in grey tones, which will further bring down the temperature of your interior designs. For some ideas on how to bring beauty into your home through tiles, take a look here.

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Open Up The Space

If your home feels small, cluttered, and claustrophobic, you need to start thinking about removing any unnecessary items (or junk) from each room. By taking away accessories and items that hold no function, or sentimental value; you’ll be able to start clearing the environment, which will open it up. Check out for some strategies to declutter a small space.

For a more extreme approach; if you feel you are living in one small room of the house, which happens to be next door to a room you rarely use, think about knocking down a wall (or two). By knocking through to the next room and create a larger open plan living area; you’ll have increased the space and light to the room, which will be a breath of fresh air to your home.

If taking a sledgehammer to your walls feels like a bit too much, then think about taking some of the artwork and photos down and moving them elsewhere to make room for a sizable mirror. By creating an area with a large reflection, the room can feel like it expands beyond the wall, and will often double the feeling of space for cool interiors.

The individual photos and art that you took off the wall earlier can still be displayed; but, think about consolidating them into one multi-aperture frame or collage. The clean lines of fewer pictures on the wall will also help to bring cool tranquility to your environment.

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Get Savvy With Storage

Once you’ve picked up all the toys, books, and odds and ends from your floors and surfaces; you’ll need somewhere to put the items that you don’t want to throw away. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about some clever storage ideas, so that your space still feels as open and cool as possible.

Look at the under-utilized areas of your home; think about if you could fit a set of shelves or some drawers under the stairs or in any alcoves in the walls. If the space is empty, and there’s no footfall there, it can often become the perfect place for nifty shelving, stackable boxes, and decorative baskets to help you clear up your home.

Take a look under the bed, or sofa too; thereare an array of opens when it comes to shallow, but wide, storage boxes on wheels. So consider investing in some for each bedroom and you’ll be able to wheel them in and out with ease.

Fill them with items that you still use, but perhaps not very often, so everything can still be accessed without the trouble of trying to grab boxes from the top of the wardrobes.

Try to be strict with items that you don’t use and throw them out or give them to charity. For everything else; pop them into boxes and store in a dry space, like the attic.

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Keep The Airflow Moving

Curtains are often a decorative adornment to windows; however, depending on the fabric, can look busy and heavy, and also retain any heat from being lost. By changing your curtain fabric to a light, sheer material; you can still have a decorative feature surrounding the window frame, and they will allow air to circulate more easily around the space.

You could go one better and replace your curtains with blinds. Having Venetian or roller blinds will allow you open up the whole of your window area completely each day. Allowing the extra light and air into the environment will ensure cool interiors and a fresh space.

The summer months often reach a point where no matter how much you open your windows and doors, you basically feel like you’re living inside an oven.

So to stop yourself from baking inside your own home, consider calling in the experts, and kitting your home out with some air conditioning, if you’re at a loss as to where to start, view for some ideas.

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Stay On Top Of Cleaning

Dust, dirt, and grime are all sure ways to make you feel unclean and claustrophobic in your house or apartment, so it’s worth investing in a regular cleaning routine, which makes it easier to keep on top of. Nobody loves cleaning (well, maybe some people do), but if you can’t afford to pay someone else to do it, you’ll have to take a deep breath and get stuck in.

Creating a rota for the family and assigning them individual tasks will get everyone onboard and involved. Ensure that kids get into the habit of picking up their own mess and teach them how to clean up any spillages or accidents they’ve had. By keeping your home clean, it will be the tranquil, cool sanctuary you’ll enjoy walking into each and every day. Have a look here for some great tips on fitting in the housework.

Introduce Fresh Scents

Lighting a candle or adding a room diffuser might sound like an unusual way of helping to keep your home cool; however, there are plethora of scents that has been specifically designed to smell fresh and create a cool, calming ambience.

Think about picking up a natural wax candle or two that give off the scent of freshly washed linen, grass and gardens, or citrus fruits.

Keeping cool interiors will involve all your senses; so don’t forget about what you can smell as you walk through the door. For a list of clean and fresh scents to try over summer, take a peek here:

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Change The Linen

Ensuring that your bed linen and sheets are washed regularly, will keep the crisp and cool feeling, both when you’re within them, and when they are simply covering your bed. It can be part of the cleaning routine that was discussed earlier, so that cleaning them becomes part of the weekly or fortnightly chores in the house.

Consider drying your linen outside in the fresh air if possible; this will give it a delightful natural scent that you just can’t seem to get if you’ve used a tumble dryer.

Make sure all of the other textiles within your home are also kept clean, plumped and folded where needed; it will enhance the overall feeling of an open and cool space.

Whatever tips you take from cool interiors remember how important it is to be able to chill out in a cool calm space regularly, and there’s no reason that the space can’t be your home.

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