A cool breezy home is the best way to enjoy long hot summers.Over the last few months, the unusual circumstances have reminded us how important the environment is in our homes.

Lockdown rules and social distancing measures are being reduced across Australia. However, being outdoors and in social situations might not be as safe and comfortable for a while. So a cool breezy home is even more important.

Our homes will be, once again, a safe retreat in which to enjoy the sunshine. Now, with the summer months on our doorstep, it is crucial to turn your home into your personal sunny retreat – that is also eco-friendly! Find out how to create a cool breezy home, and enjoyable atmosphere at no expense to the planet! 

Upgrade Your Shutters

During the hottest hours, being at home can be a struggle. Indeed, without a proper ventilation system, the sunshine will turn your more exposed room – such as bedroom, kitchen, or living rooms – into ovens! Instead, decide to upgrade your shutters now and close them during the hottest hours of the day. This will keep the sun and heat out while allowing you to find rest from the heat. And, if you have always thought that shutters are not fashionable, Venetian blinds will make you change your mind!

Invest in Smart Systems

Smart, high-tech systems can help you gain better control over the lighting and temperatures of your room, without the need for wasting any energy. Smart appliances such as an air conditioner or virtual assistant will allow you to decide upon the features that count when you are trying to save energy. These systems come with integrated options that allow you to select and keep the right temperature – so you can enjoy a comfortable environment effortlessly!


All the efforts seen above can go to waste without proper insulation. Your home’s insulation system is what allows you to perfectly balance the internal temperature of your home. If you rent a property or upgrading the whole insulation system or your home is not in the cards, check the windows. They will give you an understanding of how well your home retains the internal temperature. 

Be Smart About Elements and Materials

Now that you have mastered the internal temperature of your home, it is crucial to decide on how to create a comfortable and healthy environment inside your property. Indeed, you are likely to be resorting to the cool breezy home atmosphere during the hottest hours and creating a space that is fully comfortable is crucial. You can achieve this by picking natural materials and elements, as well as natural, breathable fabrics like cotton. Don’t forget to add plants that can help you purify the air!

Make Your Outdoor Area Livable

Your garden will be your private corner of paradise – don’t overlook it! You can make it livable by adding outdoor furniture, a pool and sunbeds. And, of course, don’t forget to complete your outdoor area or backyard with some shade. Whether you decide to install awnings from the edge of your patio or opt for a free-standing umbrella, ensure you can find shelter from the sun during the day!