Cooking with stone whereby breads are placed on a hot stone, or meat is placed on hot rocks in trendy restaurants, has now come to your home.

Who doesn’t love authentic, home-cooked food? Well… it’s usually nicer when someone else does the cooking, but now designer oven and cooktop brand SMEG has added a Gourmet Refractory Cooking Stone to its kitchen arsenal; so cooking with stone couldn’t be easier to use.

Fitting into any of SMEG’s 60cm ovens, this custom-designed stone recreates the cooking environment of a stone oven. Fabulous! It means cooking bread and pizzas will be done with a perfectly even heat creating delectable crispness.

cooking with stone

Cooking with stone is as easy as turning on the oven. Place the stone in the oven and turn up the setting to the maximum heat. As soon as the indicator light goes off, put your pizza, bread, flatbreads, tigelle and sandwiches onto the stone. Voila! Although cooking times may vary, you’ll get delicious, sizzling golden perfection in about thee or four minutes.

cooking with stone

For use in all new generation SMEG ovens except gas, microwave, and steam ovens. The Gourmet Cooking Stone from SMEG can be used just as easily with meats and vegetables; just place on the stone and use a little olive oil on the surfaces of the ingredients to caramalise beautifully. And cleaning is simple. When cooking with stone the plate will be hot for many minutes after cooking, so be careful. Let it cool and then wash in hot water with NO DETERGENTS and with a non-abrasive sponge. That’s it. Oh, and never place the cooking stone in a dishwasher.

The cooking stone may appear slightly browned after lots of use but this won’t diminish its performance. Available now nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retailers. RRP $450.

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