CooDo is available in Australia, and aren’t we thrilled. The COODO™ is loved by travel and design enthusiasts around the globe. It’s a modern day alternative to living in suburbia. So what’s all the fuss about?

OK, well let’s see – Coodo is European designed, boasts a glazed facade and Feng-Shui construction (ooo-kay), glass curves and high-quality amenities. However, the BEST feature would have to be the portability and what it adds to outdoor or garden style.



Say what? Yes, unlike conventional transportable homes you can literally move the Coodo to where the magic is. Practical AND beautiful. According to the Australian distributors, Coodo Mobile Living, the units are luxury multi-use, modular mobile units, designed to help reduce stress and enjoy spatial limitless. And you can easily paint the interior to suit modern paint colour trends.

As an interface between house and nature, you would have to say the Coodo range is superbly crafted.

Available in five different sizes from 9 to 96 square meters, this represents enviable compact living and outstanding value for the travel enthusiast who wants to maximise the beauty of the great outdoors whilst maintaining their inner city comforts.


Coodo units, depending on size, contain efficient features including a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, state of the art fixtures, heating, cooling and power systems neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling and inner walls of the unit. Many features can also be personalised including colour scheme, surfaces, appliances, furniture, and decor.

Specifically designed for land or water (watercoodo) these prefabricated modular units showcase some of the most innovative advancements of sustainable product design and construction available to the residential market to date. And you can transport them to any outdoor location, even the back garden.

coodo coodo

Coodo are made from corrosive-free, water resistant and durable materials – well, they’d want to be. But wait, there’s more – with a commitment to preserving the environment, energy consumption and cost, the ecofriendly, low-pollutant and hypoallergenic materials, innovative insulation, modern LED lighting and European ‘Smarthouse’ technology make these dwellings an environmentalists’ delight.

I’m so impressed. For more information on specific details, sizing, layouts and pricing please see the website.


What do you think about the chic innovation of this new portability? Is this the type of holiday home you’d love? How about using the Coodo for an office? I’d love to know your response to this new innovation.

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