Contessa Volpi is an exciting new swimwear range that combines Italian style with Australian freshness.

The Southern Hemisphere is moving rapidly into Spring and Summer. Thoughts now turn towards days at the beach, lounging by the pool, and elegant evening cocktails in a tropical garden. Enter – Contessa Volpi. Stylish, playful, unique. Yes, she’s a dynamic new player on the social circuit… and women LOVE her.

For good reason. Contessa Volpi brings Italian beauty, admired by all, and combines it with Australian sass. She could be a divine James Bond villain; in fact, she is a fabulous new swimwear range from Milan-trained fashion designer, Enrica Volpi.

Contessa Volpi is the product of many years of inspiration and ambition; a swimwear label that is stylish, unique and of the highest quality. Made in Sydney from the highest quality Italian lycra, Enrica has designed a collection of one-piece and bikini swimwear. The collection is individual in its styling and uses unique print combinations, quality textiles and attractive colours to raise the bar for swimwear designers.

Contessa Volpi

Having been trained in Milan at the prestigious Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Enrica originally launched a swimwear and lingerie range, Adorisadora, in Italy. However after a year spent travelling around and living in Australia, she fell in love with the culture, lifestyle and landscape.

I like to think of my pieces as embodying the spirit of “beyond real” through their wholehearted celebration of women who love life and all it has to offer

In Contessa Volpi, Enrica seeks to channel the sense of female empowerment seen in 1920’s when women eschewed clothing restrictions. It’s her inspiration, combined with her Italian heritage and new love of Australia’s outdoor and beach-loving lifestyle. The collection includes 18 different swimsuits, with 6 styles divided into different unique prints and colours.

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Contessa Volpi is available through their on-line shop and distributed in selected areas of Italy, Austria, Las Vegas and Singapore.

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