Top Five Construction Industry Trends for 2018: From Technology to Safety

Every year ushers significant changes to the world of construction, and 2018 will be no exception. Modern technology is constantly evolving construction industry trends with many contractors opening up to new ideas and concepts, which is indeed the key to keeping the competitive edge.

So, from today’s standpoint, the outlook for the whole industry is bright, and despite few big challenges, it even seems dazzling. In 2018, the engineering prowess will take us to new heights and prompt us to think even bolder. So what are the construction industry trends for 2018?

construction industry trends

Virtual and augmented reality

Technology advancements are the driving force behind the dynamic evolution of the construction sector. The upsurge of virtual and augmented reality represents one of the most exciting innovations.

Namely, these technologies allow construction companies, architects and interior designers to visualize and evaluate their projects like never before.

For instance, construction sites can be digitally ‘toured’ without ever setting foot on them. Similar applications are present in the world of interior design as well, whereby VR and AR allow buyers to embark on virtual tours of their targeted homes.

construction industry trends

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Increased collaboration

Key to new construction industry trends in 2018 will be the rise of collaborative projects. The old practices are fading away; nowadays, we don’t just see designers bidding on projects and then contractors taking over. Design & Construction projects are becoming more and more popular.

Likewise, it is no longer uncommon for government agencies to hire private contractors to finance, plan, and execute a project. With this P3 mode of collaboration, the ownership can be first assigned to the contractor and then transferred back to the government after a few years.

construction industry trends

Modular solutions

In recent years, the concept of modular construction has been a real game-changer: a trend that accelerates and streamlines construction processes around the globe. Moreover, note that these modular building techniques are proven to boost energy-efficiency.

Consequently, we expect to see more modular projects in 2018. Those who want to move ahead to the forefront of the industry will embrace groundbreaking ideas like pop-ups and permanent modular buildings.

These types of construction industry trends will also fuel the proliferation of versatile construction components like pre-fabricated steel frame solutions and concrete formwork.

construction industry trends

Plush Design Interiors

Improved safety measures

Construction still holds the unsavoury title of the leader in all workplace accidents. And as you may know, they can have a fatal outcome. However, things are bound to change with better safety procedures and stronger implementation of cutting-edge technology.

We have already witnessed an increase in the use of safety mobile apps that facilitate on-site communication of risks and compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Moreover, safety analytics is another trend that boosts the efforts of companies to keep workers out of the harm’s way.

construction industry trends

Green buildings

The construction ecosystem is getting greener and greener. Sustainable projects are in the spotlight, quickly taking root worldwide, and the percentage of contractors with certified green projects will double.

Buildings now sport green roofs, indoor gardens, rainwater harvesting systems, photovoltaic panels, and other features that take energy-efficiency to a whole new level.

Finally, spending on sustainable building materials is on a roll and passive building design is gaining prominence. As a result, urban, concrete jungles will transform and sow the seeds of a better future, one that is not plagued by such a staggering level of carbon emissions.

construction industry trends

Material cost growth

Not every kind of growth is good news. Take the example of increased prices of materials – a trend that already raised eyebrows in 2017. The prices of labour and supplies will follow the upward trajectory in 2018 as well, which suggests that companies will have to identify other potentials for saving money.

To stay competitive, they will have to make the most of new construction technologies, some of which we have mentioned. In any event, sacrificing quality and skimping on building materials is not something that should be considered.

construction industry trends

The future is now

This year is quickly winding down, but there is a multitude of trends that are poised to change the construction landscape in 2018 and beyond.

Most of the changes will revolve around efforts to render construction processes safer and more efficient. Contractors and companies that want to stay ahead of the pack will champion innovative techniques and technologies, propelling the whole industry forward.

Some great challenges remain, but nothing should stand in the way of human ingenuity and resourcefulness. So, brace yourself for the future.

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