Common baby skin problems can make the lives of new mothers a nightmare, because you may not know what has caused the condition.. or how to fix it easily.

When we think of a baby’s skin, we think of super soft and smooth skin. Imagine if our skin stayed just that soft as we aged and grew up – we wouldn’t have to rely anti-aging products at all!

However, a baby’s skin isn’t always as perfect as it may seem. In fact, there are quite a few common baby skin problems from which babies and young toddlers can suffer throughout their early years.

common baby skin problems

Common Baby Skin Problems

This guide to baby skincare should help you deal with most of the common conditions.

Less Is More

Less is definitely more when it comes to baby skincare. You shouldn’t bathe them too often as this can strip their skin of all its important nutrients and oils.

Plus, using lots of soap, perfumed products, and lotions can be quite irritable to the young skin. Some parents are tempted to wash their newborns in an attempt to get rid of the vernix that covers their body when they are born.

Don’t be tempted to remove this creamy substance, though, as it will naturally peel off after a week or so.

common baby skin problems


One of the most common baby skin problems from which babies suffer is eczema. Usually, babies will grow out of this after a year or two, but there are some that will suffer with this right through to adulthood.

Firstly, it’s important that you get the condition correctly diagnosed by your family doctor or a dermatologist. Once you know that it is eczema, you can visit a site like where you can buy medicinal creams and lotions.

Limiting the use of other skin products can also reduce the effects of eczema as some of them will strip the skin of its natural moisture.

common baby skin problems

Nappy Rash

No matter which type of nappy you decide to buy from, you will probably find that your baby develops nappy rash at some point.

For most youngsters, this doesn’t normally get too bad, but there are some instances when the rash can be quite severe.

Generally speaking, though, changing your baby’s nappy regularly will greatly reduce the risk of developing a rash.

Applying a protective cream whenever you change the nappy can also help keep the skin soft and smooth.

 common baby skin problems

Prickly Heat

A baby’s skin can’t yet control its own temperature, so it often overheats which causes prickly heat. This is a rash made up of small red dots on the skin that looks like pinpricks.

You will find that this is one of those common baby skin problems that occurs very regularly in the summer months as the skin will overheat most of the time.

If you find a prickly heat rash, the best thing you can do is to change your baby into some cooler clothing. After about half an hour, the rash should have reduced or disappeared completely.

The majority of baby skin conditions aren’t anything to worry about, and most will go after a couple of days once you have treated them. But, if you are ever in any doubt, you should always see your doctor.