Have you ever wondered what makes a comfortable home? Ask 15 different people and you’ll get 15 different answers; everyone has their own opinion.

The idea of a comfortable home generally depends on what people value. For instance, some people value a home that has modern design elements. Others prefer a more traditional approach to decor, colours and furniture.

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to live in a comfortable home, but there are four vital elements that will remain consistent no matter who you ask.

You might subconsciously know some of these fundamentals. However, here is a simple four point checklist to help you. These can be personalized to suit your own sense of style and personal tastes.

1. A comfortable home has the right amount of clutter

Clutter is typically seen as one of the most unsightly things in a home. However, there are actually times when perceived clutter isn’t clutter at all–it’s organized chaos.

comfortable home

Just stop and have a think about libraries. Many people find them traditional, beautiful and exciting, but who can honestly read all of those books? They’re just going to gather up dust and be a pain to clean.

It’s hardly practical but that doesn’t really matter. It’s clutter that can actually look organized and create a sense of comfort despite serving very little functionality.

The bottom line here? Don’t be afraid of clutter–just use it effectively.

2. A comfortable home has the right amount of heat

Ensuring that your home has the right heating elements is key to evoking feelings of comfort.

comfortable home

Take a look at reviews from sites such as Unhumid to learn all about different types of heating elements that you could install and how they compare.

The idea is that you should always be able to feel warm and cozy whenever the mood strikes. It should be immediate and responsive instead of taking 15 minutes to warm up from a stone cold temperature.

3. A comfortable home has things that make you smile

Some people have motivational messages, others have pictures of their kids, and some even have pictures of themselves.

Whatever makes you happy, don’t be afraid to pin it up on the wall, hang it from the ceiling or place it on your bookshelves.

comfortable home
Vinyl records decorations on a gray wall with molding and wooden furniture in a retro home office interior for a writer.

Be it a collection of figurines from your childhood or a graveyard of technology such as old smartphones, there are countless things that can make you feel right at home.

Find those unique things and place them around your house; you’ll instantly feel more comfortable.

4. A comfortable home has the right lighting

No one wants to sit in a dark room, but plenty of people love a dimly-lit bedroom for the atmosphere.

comfortable home
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

People don’t like big and bright bulbs either, but having a nice warm white light can make you feel at home.

It’s important to have lights that can create an ambience that are perfect for your mood. It’s a small investment to make and it will ultimately transform the way you perceive your home.