A cocktail party may not be high on your list of priorities when you have just moved into your luxurious new pad. But think about it. What would Carrie do?

After many years of hard work and foregone pairs of shoes, you’ve treated yourself to the most amazing studio apartment. It’s clean, minimalist, yet still impressive.

It’s only natural to want to show off your elegant new pad to all your friends. Keep things chic and sophisticated by throwing a Sex and The City-Style Cocktail Party for your housewarming. Read on for tips on how to do this in Carrie Bradshaw style without the risk of your beautiful new home being ruined.

cocktail party

The Atmosphere

Set the vibe of your cocktail party from the moment your guests walk in by playing classy music and having delicious aromas. Choosing something like jazz music will relax and welcome guests. Accessorising the room with scented candles will add a new dimension to your pad. Choose pot-encased candles to prevent them from dripping onto your surfaces. Go for rich, woody aromas that ooze class and elegance. If you don’t use take this advice, then use dripless candles in Sex and The City styled glass, crystal, metallic or mirrored candlesticks.

Be wary when it comes to things like incense, though, as incense can smell too smokey. The way incense burns also means it leaves (literally) a trail of ash in its place. Incense holders are good for catching this most of the time. But when people are enjoying your cocktail party so much they get their groove on, there is a high chance incense will get knocked over.

Adding flowers is another small touch that creates a glamorous feel for the evening. White flowers, such as lilies, are often the best choice as they add a clean aesthetic to your home. Float white flowers in a large shallow bowl of water. Place whole lemons halfway up the base of a tall and wide vase, add long-stemmed flowers, and top with water. Don’t skimp on flowers; one huge bouquet is better than small vases dotted around the room.


If you have white or cream carpets, you need to be very careful with the drinks you serve. Red wine is an absolute no-no, as are any coffee-based cocktails. Stick to pale or totally transparent drinks such as white wine, champagne, and clear cocktails.

There are plenty of clear spirits which can be used to make delicious recipes, so this should be no problem. Don’t get too stressed out if an accident does happen with a drink. There are many foolproof carpet cleaning methods that will have your place back to its spotless self in no time.

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The Surfaces

When you have a cocktail party, you hope everyone behaves elegantly. However, there is always a risk that marks will be left on your lovely new surfaces. Of course, you don’t want to seem uptight, you just need to make sure there are plenty of spots where people can rest their drinks that won’t leave a mark. One option is to add a chic tablecloth over your coffee and dining tables. That way, if any splashes are left, you can easily pop it in the washing machine.

Alternatively, investing in a set of minimalist placemats and coasters will give guests a gentle nudge in the right direction. It’s unlikely that someone will see a coaster and decide to put their drink on the bare wood! Just make sure there are enough coasters for everyone.

Whether your place is ready for entertaining now, or you still need to add a few luxury touches, just enjoy the party!

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