Closet decluttering is one of the hardest jobs for any fabulous fashionista. What to keep? What to donate? What to toss? These are definitely first world problems but can cause great angst for fashion loving women.

Having a full closet isn’t the best way to ensure you look your best. When you have so many clothes that it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for or even make a decision about what you’re going to wear for the day. It can be a hindrance so closet decluttering is required STAT!

If you think you could benefit from thinning out your closet a little, here are some expert tips to help you get started:


closet decluttering

Closet Decluttering for Beginners

Take it Slowly

Closet decluttering is always easiest if you take it slowly. So, start by getting rid of any clothes that no longer fit you, are stained or torn, and which have faded to the point they no longer look good.

Take Out Seasonal Items

Next, think about removing any items from your closet that are off-season, and store them in another closet, set of drawers or in under-bed storage containers.

If you don’t have anywhere to store them, consider looking up storage facilities in your area, and storing your clothes safely in a unit. Doing this will ensure that it is easier for you to find something suitable to wear at all times.


closet decluttering

Use the Hanger System

Go through your closet ensuring that all of your hangers are facing the same way. When you wear an item of clothing, put it back in the closet, turning its hanger the other way.

Do this for a month, and you will see which garments you wear regularly and which you never wear at all. Be ruthless and rid yourself of the clothes you never wear, unless they are ‘occasional wear’ that you know you will need once a year or so.

One of Everything

If you want to be really brave, a great way of decluttering your closet is to pair down various items to the one great piece. Obviously, you can’t exist with one set of underwear, but when it comes to fashion basics like bags, belts and even jackets, you could easily get by with just the one versatile piece you love. Try it!


closet decluttering

Buy Timeless Classics

Another thing about closet decluttering is to only purchase new items of clothing that are timeless classics. Fashion trends come and go, but there are some pieces, like a really great summer dress, leather jacket or set of black heels that are always going to be in.

If you invest in high-quality versions of these items, you won’t need to stuff your closet quite so much, nor will you have to spend quite so much to look fabulous.

No More Than Three

If you’re finding it hard to be ruthless with your wardrobe, try implementing the ‘no more than three’ rule whereby if you have more than three of any given garment, you have to give the rest to charity.

This allows you some leeway to keep your favorites while ensuring that you don’t have too much of anything and because the excess will be going to a good cause, it’ll be a bit easier to part with them.

Closet decluttering takes time and effort, but it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier, which is why it might just be worth it.

closet decluttering