Does your new house feel like an unfamiliar place? Of course, it doesn’t feel like home yet. However, there are things you can do to get that familiar feeling.

When you move into a new house everything is unfamiliar. Even the way you use the kitchen or go to the bathroom is different. Creating a house to feel like home is highly personal but solutions to finding your new vibe are universal. Take a look below to find out more.

Organise Your Closet First

Do what you can to live well from the moment you move in. A lot of people simply start by unpacking all of their common spaces first. However, try and focus all of your efforts on the closet. Mondays are a pain enough, without you having to search for things to wear. Put your clothes away neatly and make sure that there is always something for when you need it. If you can do this, then your new home will feel like home more quickly.

Prioritize Your Children

If you have children who collect things, then why not put them on display? If you can, put them in a glass cabinet so that you can have a sense of familiarity around the home. If you give your children some things to unpack first, then they can be getting on with this while you focus on the rest of the house. This will free up a lot of your time and it will make it much easier for you to focus on the important things. Seeing your kids unpack their room and getting everything organised will help the new house will feel like home.

Familiar Sounds and Smells

If you had a favourite diffuser in your old home, then make sure that you set it up in your new home. If you can do this, then you will soon find that the property feels much more familiar and that you are also able to settle in faster. Do not underestimate how powerful candles can be and also make sure that you do not overlook diffusers either. They can make your home feel fantastic, and they can add a real sense of belonging.

Wait to Hang Artwork

You may have spent a lot of time gathering artwork over the years and this is great. If you want to make the biggest impact when moving into your new home, then wait until later on to hang it. If you put up your artwork now, while you have boxes everywhere then your art won’t have the biggest effect. If you can wait until everything else has been sorted out however, then the art will bring everything together.

Mimic your Routine

If you want your new house to feel like home, then one thing that you can do is mimic your routine as much as possible. You may find that your spouse ends up losing their keys all the time, and if this is the case then focus on getting key hooks installed.  You can use the same key hook that you used in your last property if you want.

Either way, adding familiarity and mimicking your routine is always a good thing. You may also want to consider adding some hooks for your children’s school bags, so they can hang them as soon as they get in the door. Adding new routines while supporting old ones is a very good way for you to make your home feel like yours.

Bring out your Favourites

If you want your home to feel instantly cosy, then one thing that you can do is play music that you love. If you always listen to your music on your iPod or iPad, then get a docking station. This will help you to remember the things that you loved about your old home.

Whether it was putting music on while in the bath or just turning up the tunes while cooking dinner. Either way, music can be very powerful, and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to use it to your advantage when settling into a new home.

Get Comfortable

If there’s one thing that you may feel as though you are missing in your new home, it is probably comfort. The first thing that you should do when you move into a new home is pull out all of your clean bedding, whether it is pillows, duvets or even throws.

Make your bed first, so when you do lie down after a long day of unpacking, you know that you are going to have everything set up for you. This will go along way to helping your new house feel like home. You can also search for a “rug shop near me” if you want to add some more soft furnishings around the home.

Don’t Order In

You may think that takeout is the way to go when you are settling into your new home but in reality, it might not be the way to go. Cooking a meal in your new home can be an exciting experience and you may also find that it helps you to be much more comfortable in your new property. Figuring out how to work the oven can be exciting as a couple, so make the most out of the memories you are making. If you can do this, you’ll look back on times like this and laugh, which will help it to feel like home.

Little things like this can make all the difference, so be sure to incorporate them as much as possible when moving into your new home. It could help you to settle in far faster.