Boring bathrooms are a thing of the past with these ingenious ways to inject designer bathroom character into ‘the smallest room’ in the house. Plus two videos so you can these great tips in action.

Add a splash of color

While it’s true that the fashion in bathrooms for a long time has been white walls, suits, and floors, there is something to be said for a more colorful option. Indeed, there is so much you can do by simply introducing color to your bathroom. When it comes to adding some bathroom character to your space don’t be afraid of embracing blocks of color either as they can provide several benefits.

First of all, color blocks can completely change the feel of a room transforming it from a simple, functional space into a place that energizes and refreshes you. For the best effect combine two or more blocks of color that aren’t typically seen together. For example, a peach bath against a red wall will look modern, fun, and refreshing. Sinks in a single color that contrasts to the rest of the room look amazing too! 

Embrace wallpaper

Many people think that they can’t use wallpaper in their bathrooms, but that simply isn’t the case. (The only exception is if you have an issue with humidity or dampness.) Of course, there are a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, but by far the best choice to add some character to your bathroom is to opt for bold prints. 

Indeed, prints can do a marvelous job of creating interest and texture in even the smallest and simplest of bathrooms. They can even work wonders in injecting color into a mostly neutral space. Just remember that any part of the wall where the water hits directly like a shower will need tile. However, feel free to wallpaper the rest of the room as much as you like! 

Go wild with tile! 

Tiles make a whole heap of sense in the bathroom because they are waterproof and so will last far longer than any other choice. The great thing about tile these days is that there are so many wonderful colors and designs to choose from. 

Image by Jodi Johnson

Indeed, the best vendors like Tilemall will provide a wide range of options from larger Terrazzo tiles to smaller feather-shaped options. The latter are perfect for creating a unique and beautiful texture that is also water-resistant and easy to clean. 

Of course, because installing tiles on the floor or wall of your bathroom can be a lengthy task, it’s best to be very sure of the style and design you want before you begin. It’s also essential that you find tiles that you will continue to love over the long term, so be sure to seek some guidance if you have any queries or doubts. 

Use texture

Bathrooms tend to be dominated by hard surfaces, tiled floors, walls, countertops, and mirrors. However, without taking steps to balance the entirety of the room, it can feel cold, and impersonal. 

The good news is that using simple techniques like adding texture can help your bathroom feel like a much more inviting and welcoming place. To counter the cold hard surfaces consider natural materials like wicker, reed, and wood. Earth tones such as brown and tan can work particularly well here too as they can help to give off a warmer atmosphere. 

Novelty value 

While most of us think of our bathrooms as a pretty boring space, there are no laws against utilizing novelty and whimsey to make them more fun. Indeed, you can get very creative with the type of things you add to your bathroom such as turning an old cabinet into a vanity, adding retro mirror art to the wall s, replacing your old bath mat with a tiger rug style offering, or even adding shelving repurposed from other items like suitcases.

Go green 

No, I’m not talking about painting everything green in your bathroom here. Instead, going green is all about adding plants to your bathroom space. The great thing about using plants to add interest and texture to your bathroom is that they will thrive in damp and humid conditions. 

Indeed, if you make your selections carefully you may find that even the most un-green fingered achieve great success. 

Add seating

Ok, so not everyone will have room for seating in their bathroom! Yet for those that do, adding an area for relaxation can be a real winner. Not only will it give you more opportunities to add furniture that is in line with your design, but it can completely revolutionize the way you use your bathroom as well.